IEC's integrity intact - Mashile

Johannesburg - The integrity of the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) as an institution supporting democracy remains intact, Parliament's portfolio committee on home affairs said on Saturday.

Chairperson Lamias Mashile said the committee had full confidence that the IEC's other commissioners and senior management team would continuing the mandate of the commission.

This follows the decision by the Constitutional Court to dismiss IEC chairperson Pansy Tlakula's application for leave to appeal the Electoral Court's ruling that her misconduct in 2009 warrants her removal from office.

Mashile said the ruling had no direct impact on the commission's ability to deliver its mandate.

"The recent local government by-elections held in the absence of Tlakula attest to the strength of the internal mechanisms and structures of the IEC."

He said the Constitution and the legal framework that facilitated the establishment of the commission remained the bedrock on which the commission was based.

Before the 7 May elections several opposition parties approached the Electoral Court seeking Tlakula's resignation.

This followed a finding by Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, and a subsequent forensic investigation by the National Treasury, over the procurement of the IEC's Riverside Office Park building in Centurion. Tlakula was chief electoral officer at the time.

Madonsela found Tlakula had a relationship, possibly of a romantic nature, with then chairman of Parliament's finance portfolio committee Thaba Mufamadi.

Mufamadi was a shareholder in Abland, which was awarded the R320m contract to lease the building.

The Treasury probe found the procurement process was neither fair, transparent, nor cost-effective. It found Tlakula neither gave guidance nor formally informed various people about what was expected of them in the process.

proudlysa 2014/08/16 03:56:58 PM
I am afraid there is not much integrity left where the ANC is involved. President, SABC, Escom, IEC, Municipalities etc etc.
Made-In SA 2014/08/16 04:00:53 PM
She was following the example of Number One to "unduelly benefit".When is she hauled in front of court?What she did was corruption.
Margaret Cox 2014/08/16 04:36:26 PM
Dirty Panty!
George Gibbs 2014/08/16 04:48:30 PM
So will she be removed or not?! Or will this be another one of those situations where she stays on and the work of the public protector is taken with a pinch of salt? Nakandla and the SABC findings come to mind... Damning report no action...
Phil Galpin 2014/08/16 05:40:16 PM
Yeah, you keep telling yourself that,if it makes you feel OK. BTW, NO-ONE BELIEVES YOU! Shame is that you are superb at hiding the evidence.
Johan Kotze 2014/08/16 05:57:45 PM
How on earth can anything the ANC touches be regarded as "intact"? We know that the majority of elections have been rigged. Nothing is new!
Antie Zille 2014/08/16 06:23:45 PM
., The relationship of this useless ..da..and the IEC, IS VERY SIMPLE. In the wards they WIN, the IEC is doing its job properly. In the wards it loses, the IEC is corrupt and biased. PATHETHIC !!!!
deepchund.ramchurren 2014/08/16 06:44:34 PM
No 1 gets away with corruption, so those lower down the rung do exactly the same. Some are not so fortunate and have to face the consequence. The integrity of these organizations is in doubt, how many skeletons are still in the cupboard.
criticallyhonest 2014/08/16 09:01:55 PM
Consider this statement, think hard about it. The fact that the ANC can make such a statement under these circumstances is absolute proof that the organisation (as currently represented) has no understanding of the meaning of integrity!
Liz Fivaz 2014/08/17 03:31:52 PM
Rotten to the core!