JHB teen strangles mom to death - report

Johannesburg - A 14-year-old boy from the Waterworks informal settlement, south of Johannesburg has been arrested for allegedly strangling his mother to death, the Saturday Star reported.

The boy had confessed to his aunt on Thursday evening after the woman was killed.

According to the report, the aunt said the boy had arrived at her house around 22:00 and told her the story. The aunt's house was about 10km from the boy's home. He reportedly told his aunt: "I strangled my mother and when I left she wasn't breathing."

Apparently the mother had been looking for her pink hat and wanted to know from her son where it was.

"He told me his mother started beating him with a stick and he blocked the lashes. She then poured water from a kettle on him and tried to hit him with a brick. He said he then pushed her to the ground and strangled her," the aunt was quoted saying.

The paper reported that the aunt went to the boy's home in the morning and found his mother lying on the floor. She called the police.

The boy was treated for burn wounds in hospital.

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Monica Oosthuizen 2014/08/16 11:40:32 AM
Pent up anger from severe child abuse sounds like. How do u blame children who does such things when boiled water was thrown on him?
Erna Westdyk 2014/08/16 11:46:33 AM
Aren't we just a nice bunch of people in SA! And this is all apartheid's fault? I don't think so!
Tshaga Tetelo 2014/08/16 11:53:01 AM
That's the child's version, we don't if is the truth or not
Haibo Mfondini 2014/08/16 11:53:39 AM
what would cause so much anger in our society? people talking about apartheid or Jesus should shut up, they're not helping. our society is desperately crying for help.
Paljas Paljassie 2014/08/16 11:59:51 AM
At 14 commiting a murder! Its your mother! Lack of respect, is the biggest problem amongst 70% of our population. That is something that needs to be focussed on. Seriously.
Charles Komane 2014/08/16 12:01:37 PM
Is there a reason y the aunt went in the morning?
Cody 2014/08/16 12:04:36 PM
She got what she deserves! The kid is just innocent, beating him like as if he's an animal its inhuman, I mean can u beating a kid for a hat like that? Its untoward! Women and Men who does this to kids deserve death!!! GoodBoy, I pray u find someone caring who will make sure you are raised disciplined, perfectly and with manner! And RIP to the fierce mother!
Lerato Rato 2014/08/16 12:04:59 PM
Kirsty Prinsloo 2014/08/16 12:10:26 PM
What can you expect in a country where thieves, rapists and murderers are either running the country or having people consider them heroes.
Tavengwa Chivirira Muchini 2014/08/16 12:36:22 PM
Please note that what makes people violent is mostly caused by a violent parenting system that does not teach wrong from evil in a passionate way.Surely if u lift bricks at children,what kind of a parent are you?