Joburg protesters stoning cars, burning tyres

Johannesburg - About three hundred people blocked the R550 and the R554 roads in the south of Johannesburg on Wednesday, metro police said.

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"People from Walkerville have blocked off the R550 and people from Eikenhof have blocked off the R554," said spokesperson Wayne Minnaar.

The two roads were about 11km away from each other.

The two groups, which together made up about three hundred people, were throwing stones at passing vehicles and burning tyres in the roads.

"The Old Vereeniging Road can be used as an alternative," Minnaar said.

The reason for the protests and reports of injuries could not be immediately confirmed.

No arrests have been made.

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Samier Mallick 2014/08/06 04:09:04 PM
Enough Now Already !!!!!
Jason/Michelle 2014/08/06 04:10:02 PM
Idiots... Innocent motorists are being pulled into something that has nothing to do with them.
Michael Kleber 2014/08/06 04:11:18 PM
So what is achieved by stoning some persons car who just happens to drive past ? please somebody explain that logic to me
Eugene Fourie 2014/08/06 04:12:59 PM
I hope the Marikana police are on their way...
Marc Ross 2014/08/06 04:14:31 PM
Guys this may seem like madness, but please don't question why, lets quietly just accept it. Otherwise we may be accused of being racists.
BLUESILVER2012 2014/08/06 04:14:34 PM
Stoning of a moving car is the same as shooting someone so why have the police not shot the scared????If I get stoned at I will shoot back.
Luané Swart 2014/08/06 04:16:30 PM
Barbaric! But what else can you expect eh.
SunshinyDay 2014/08/06 04:17:05 PM
"No arrests have been made" - and there probably will be none. These people voted for the ANC, aren't happy with service delivery but then take it out on innocent passerby's without any repercussions. Why should they stop?
Hetty Oliver 2014/08/06 04:19:45 PM
They voted the same government in as before which they weren't happy with, so now you must just accept the lack of service delivery etc because you voted the same idiots in again.
Joe Black302 2014/08/06 04:19:54 PM
Just because I suppose... -_- part of our culture by now.