Johannesburg shacks blaze extinguished

Johannesburg - A fire which destroyed 80 shacks in the George Goch informal settlement in Johannesburg on Sunday morning was extinguished, the city's emergency services said.

"There were no injuries or missing people reported," spokesperson Nana Radebe said.

"Disaster officers are taking down the names of people to see how we can assist them in terms of blankets, food, and shelter."

The fire broke out just before 05:00. She said in cold weather people should be careful with candles and heaters.

It was unclear how many people were displaced or what the cause of the fire was.

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Justice Shivambu 2014/08/24 01:40:01 PM
nah, the fire started pass 03H00 and we called firefighters many times and told us they are cominig but they arrive at 04H45 after the fire ate all the shacks then the people chase them away and broke the truck light, because they arrived late and is less than 10minutes whr the firestation is. Even a single police was not there and we tried calling them. they arrived at 05H20 with firefighters. The fire destroyed more than 5 cars at garage where they fix cars next to shacks.
Xolo LwaMahayise Ngwanya 2014/08/25 10:06:27 AM
this is a big fat lie, 3 people died 1 injured and he is in hospital, get your fact straight before publishing