KZN man kills self, wife

Johannesburg - A man killed his wife before he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head in Durban on Friday morning, KwaZulu-Natal police said.

The couple apparently had an argument in their car and the man shot his wife, who was driving, police spokesperson Captain Thulani Zwane said.

The woman died on the scene and the man was declared dead on arrival at a hospital. Police recovered the man's firearm and a murder docket was opened.

Paramedics found the car wedged against a tree, at the intersection of Essex Street and Durham Road around 08:00, Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha said. The two were in their 50s.

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art 2013/08/24 07:42:58 AM
No! He is not superman and you need to read the first paragraph again!
Frank C Cruz 2013/08/24 08:02:08 AM
This headline sucks. I just don't get it, the man killed himself, turn around and killed his wife?
Lungani Terrance Ngqonga 2013/08/24 08:02:40 AM
Ohh gosh!!!!
Ronel Bakker 2013/08/24 08:29:03 AM
All these off-the-topic comments... Its not that complicated people!
Ompie Mosenogi 2013/08/24 08:35:21 AM
Everything happens 4 the reason, the man had his own reason y he had 2 do that, @ age of 50 it's seems like they have bin married for years. We cant tell what was the problem bt the problem was serious dispite the fact that they were in the car, jst maybe it happened in the car bt that doesnt mean they were arguing over the car, I think they were arguing over something serious that ended in death, like the man has 3 children that they are not his so He only found out after 26 years...
Mlungisi Ntuli 2013/08/24 08:51:16 AM
Lerato pls who said d man was Zulu, don't b naive
Maru Sebata 2013/08/24 09:29:52 AM
Psycological & moral profile matters whn it comes 2 marriage! Preliminary screening wl tell whtr ur with monster or not. Create perfect. Excuse 2 pull out! If u 2 a married 2 a hot head @ gvn chance bullet burn flesh!
Pardon Hove 2013/08/24 09:33:36 AM
Some men are just too coward. If U ar not in good books, why don't couples just separate. Why killing wife bcause there is a lot of women on earth to choose from especially here in SA.
Lesetja Mamabolo 2013/08/24 09:37:19 AM
50's nogal... It is sad to see what is taking place in our society. Have we come to a stage where we resolve our issues using weapons. Whatever happened to seeking counciling? I remember a joke from a comedian saying, "Black people don't go for counciling, they go to church". We are faced with a desperate situation in our country where even cops kill their families and spouses. Last night on the news... A cop caught on cellphone abusing a female colleague even after she identified herself as his colleague from the same police station during women's month where we should be observing women's rights. We need a higher intervention from ourselves as a society and as a race. Everyday you read of tragedies, ritual killings, corruption, you can't even trust family let alone friends, witchcraft... Why? Because somebody you grew up with made it. We need to change as a species!
Joe Black 2013/08/24 10:23:43 AM
Go it alone , leave the wife at home.