Kya Sands quiet after protest

Johannesburg - It was quiet at the Kya Sands informal settlement in the north of Johannesburg on Thursday morning, metro police said.

Residents had protested in the area on Wednesday afternoon.

"It is quiet this morning but officers are still monitoring the area," said Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar.

During Wednesday's demonstrations, locals blockaded Malibongwe Drive near Cosmo City with rocks and burning objects.

The road had been cleared on Thursday and traffic was flowing, said Minnaar.

While the demonstrators’ demands were unclear, Captain Lydia Mtila-Dikolomela of the SA Police Service said it was suspected the protest was about housing, following a fire that gutted 50 shacks and killed two people at the informal settlement on Sunday.
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Awa 2013/09/12 07:36:01 AM
maybe they should start protesting about what they themselves have not done and stop wanting freebies from government all the time .
tinus.ventre 2013/09/12 07:40:08 AM
well let them strike...Everybody strikes and the government has to pay. The petrol prices goes up again everything goes up again....I Love this country..VIVA Shout-Africa VIVA....
Thabo Mtaner 2013/09/12 07:41:34 AM
I don't get these protester, I mean really now. Why block the roads and stone cars of people that have nothing to do with whatever they are protesting for? Some of these people stone the cars of people that feed their kids (child support grant and disability grants), pension for the elders, we bloody pay for their clinic and hospital bills and also educate their children. All these with the tax from the people whose cars gets stoned, roads blocked so that they can get to work on time to support them. If they have a problem with government, why don't they go to the municipal office or to the branch of the organization they voted for and protest there and leave us alone to go to work and support them whiles the complain with the "give me this, give me that" mentality.
Bruwer 2013/09/12 07:42:13 AM
I don't get it , if I see a piece of empty land , put my tent up , get some friends to join, can I now protest for a house , water and electricity.
logical007 2013/09/12 07:44:52 AM
The police and JMPD were as helpful as talking to a brick wall. They were rude, arrogant and useless to say the least, I actually watched the police dropping a strip of ammunition on Malibongwe before climbing into a nyala!! (JMPD picked it up and chased after) On the hand these protesters need to learn that destroying property is not the way to get better property! This area use to be stunning, It has been destroyed in less than 13 years due to these squatters many not South African. I have no sympathy for people that destroy other peoples property or prevent other peoples free movement!
Wisan JW Justice 2013/09/12 08:40:49 AM
surprisingly,it is these foreigners who demand these free houses and electrity.We cannot afford to have our hard earned cash go to foreigners just like that.Our hospitals are filled to the brim because of them.Maybe it's time we act strongly against these people.We are overworked because of them and now they demand free everything,voetsek,go home
Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg 2013/09/12 08:58:55 AM
Maybe the poo slingers are busy in the wrong province.
Magomarele Gomi Thobejane 2013/09/12 09:06:57 AM
I blame Nkandla. R250m from tax payers which is building a palace for our lousy president should have built many houses for these protesters.