Ramaphosa's 2nd day at Marikana hearings - as it happened

12 Aug 16:29

And that's where we close updates. Ramaphosa's time at the hearings is up but he might be called back to testify again.


12 Aug 16:14

The injured rock drill operator used the gallery mic to tell CR he's lying: You wanted to be as rich as your brother in law (Patrice Motsepe), he said.

12 Aug 16:11 Reporters in Pretoria where the hearings are taking place say there is a huge police contingency outside the building.
12 Aug 16:09

And with that Farlam excuses CR. And as CR says thanks, he's interrupted by a mineworker who was injured during the violence of August 2012.He was one of the operators who was interviewed in Miners Shot Down.

The man now uses a cane to help him walk.

12 Aug 16:07

When I spoke of "dastardly criminal acts" I was speaking about murders and attacks on people in Marikana. When people were burnt in their vehicles and had body parts cut out. - CR

I wasn't referring to the illegal strike, he says.

12 Aug 16:06 CR: I would not have characterised an unprotected strike as an act of criminality if there was just a strike, no violence.
12 Aug 16:03 CR: I didn't foresee the events of 16 August 2012, as much as I'd received reports police had been killed.
12 Aug 16:02 CR: Shabangu said she would also communicate with the President (Zuma) regarding our concerns.
12 Aug 16:01 The detail (about how the police should do their work) was never really covered. No coercion - CR
12 Aug 15:59 I never sought to prescribe what sort of action the two ministers should take beyond that those responsible should be arrested - CR
12 Aug 15:59 The picture that was being drawn for me that it was a serious situation of mayhem, CR says. My main objective was that we prevent further loss of life. I didn't foresee that further deaths would ensure when police entered the situation.
12 Aug 15:57

CR explains: When I saw reports of people dying in this brutal way, says CR, I took it upon myself to call Mthethwa and said people are getting killed and it behoves on police to intervene in a way that prevents further loss of life.

He continues: I said what would be helpful would be to arrest those responsible for killings and attacks. I implored on Shabangu to prevent further loss of life and further injuries.

12 Aug 15:54

CR sits calmly as hecklers walk out.

I don't agree with proposition that Mpofu has put forward - CR

Mpofu tries to speak but Farlam tells him his time is up. He says he has one proposition.

Mpofu: The man sitting next to me lost his big toe in the 16 August incident. He believes that because of your current position that you and those others should be charged criminally in the international criminal court.

CR says calmly: I don't agree with that proposition.

12 Aug 15:51

Mpofu: We're going to ask that CR be charged with murder along with others including those who pulled the trigger. That whole chain is responsible for those deaths.

CR: Clearly you've taken lots of time building this proposition. I deeply regret the deaths of all those who died.

Hecklers stop CR again with "he killed them! He's a sell-out this man!". Heckler grabs his goods and walks out of the auditorium while shouting "murderer! People are hungry, you can't even give them food!" 

Farlam orders Mpofu to wait for hecklers to leave.

12 Aug 15:47 Mpofu says because all of the actions CR took, he should have foreseen the killing of the miners.
12 Aug 15:46

Mpofu: Placing political pressure on police minister to lean on police operational people would be illegal?

CR: Yes.

12 Aug 15:44 Mpofu: NUM also issued a statement that day (CR called for police and army) also calling for police special task force in Marikana.
12 Aug 15:39 Underhalter says one can't argue that one should have foreseen it. One can't argue conclusions if facts aren't put to the witness, he says.
12 Aug 15:38

Mpofu says it's a well-known fact that once police killings happen that the police react in full force to avenge their murdered colleagues.

CR: I know when cops are killed, police get extremely concerned abuot it.

Mpofu: Knowing that, one doesn't need to be a genius to predict that police would have reeacted and ended up killing 34 people?

CR: I didn't foresee all this.

Mpofu: You should have. We'll argue that.

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Patsicles 2014/08/12 09:08:06 AM
I will not be suprised if malema is not behind the people shouting blood on his hands, Ramaphosa is what this country needs.People are quick to come to conclusion without knowing what really happened,what about the 10 people who died before.. and my opion those miners were not striking they were fighting, you cant strike carrying pangas and swords. so they asked for it..
MM 2014/08/12 09:23:12 AM
I don't understand why this is such a big thing? Men ran at police with knob-kerries, and other weppons.. They were essentialy attacking police officers, and now everyone else needs to be blamed... what is going on? Please can someone explain this?
criticallyhonest 2014/08/12 09:28:15 AM
It is surely important to understand the details of what happened on all sides. But any attempt to disguise the criminality of the actions of the thugs before the police intervened is plain sick. There can never be a valid reason for the killing of the 10 and there can never be any valid reason for carrying offensive weapons in a protest.
Chris Stuart 2014/08/12 09:42:37 AM
Grossly underpaid, maybe true, but anybody can hold n drill to drill holes, that's not a skill, so why should the mines pay top dollar for unskilled labour?
Nkoane Thabo 2014/08/12 09:45:30 AM
Cyril like baffalos more than workers its not right for a blackman to love animals more than people Its cleare that animals matter much to him this is pure corruption but they our leaders anyway they fought for that
Andrew MacDonald 2014/08/12 09:58:13 AM
the miners were grossly underpaid and thus could not afford a mcdonalds supersize from cyrils franchise. so they ate a security guard and charged the cops looking for a bit more lunch. and many of them wont be cutting up another human being ever again. seriously, i dont know why the fact that they ate another human being is being played down?
Andrew MacDonald 2014/08/12 10:03:10 AM
these miners killed 10 people before they met the iron fist. 10 people. including two policeman and a security guard. sure, the defense argues that you cant blame all of them for the killing and i accept that but if i hang around with criminals and murderers i will be judged on the company i keep. it just so happens that the judges were carrying automatic weapons that day and were fired at and charged by a mob who may or may not have been trying to escape the area but in light of the 10 murders before the fateful day, the police action was fully understandable. is it any coincidence that since that day there have been very few violent protests by amcu on a mob level?
Kobus Hattingh 2014/08/12 10:13:26 AM
No No! The Nation did not fail the people of Marikana, their own greed and government did.
Unathi Mntuyedwa 2014/08/12 10:17:59 AM
Well said kobus some of us even though we knew what needed to be done to prevent the tragedy but there is nothing we could have done since we do not have those loud voices that cyrils of this world has
Paul Lucio 2014/08/12 10:21:07 AM
"As a Nation"? I disagree with that statement, leadership needs to take responsibility not us because we are affected be the decisions you make as the leaders of this nation. Unless you reffering to as a nation that put the ANC in charge.