Lawyer traumatised after Pretoria shooting

Pretoria - An attorney who witnessed the shooting of a policeman and an orderly at the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Tuesday said she was traumatised by the ordeal.

"I never expected a shooting to happen in court," Mpho Nefuri of Nefuri Attorneys said outside the court.

"The court was in session at the time and the magistrate managed to escape. I saw a policeman being shot, blood was oozing from his head. A court orderly was also injured while trying to cool down the situation. I think he was grazed by a bullet."

She said she saw one man, who was standing trial, shooting.

"The suspect had a gun and fired two shots. Everything went upside down and we all started running for our lives."

Nefuri said security at the court needed to improve.

"I’m very traumatised because there is no safety here. I can't say it's safe to work here. How does a gun end up in the courtroom?

"They [the State] need to pull their socks up regarding our security. We are dealing here with offenders and people who need rehabilitation. It is important that we get good security," said Nefuri.

Gauteng police said they were still looking for the two men involved in the shooting. The pair, who were due to appear in court, came out of the holding cells into the courtroom and started shooting earlier on Tuesday.

The court orderly was slightly wounded and the police officer who came to testify was seriously wounded, police spokesperson Khensani Magoai said.

Earlier, ER24 paramedics said the police officer was shot in the head.

The two men, who were appearing on charges of house robbery and possession of unlicensed firearms, escaped and hijacked a Ford Ikon outside the court.

"They abandoned the vehicle in Atteridgeville and hijacked a red Polo," Magoai said.

The police statement sought to clarify initial uncertainty about what happened.

The National Prosecuting Authority could not be reached for comment.

Scores of police crime scene experts were moving in and out of the court on Tuesday afternoon.

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Gibbaan Erasmus 2014/08/19 02:37:21 PM
Was bound to happen with the way the ANCancer is running things.
Agnes Raphela 2014/08/19 02:40:21 PM
That's south Africa for U criminals rule
Thina Mapipa 2014/08/19 02:42:40 PM
GOOD QUESTION NEFURI HOW DOES A CRIMINAL IN A COURTROOM ATTAIN A FIRE ARM ?? I mean thee are criminals for heaven sake, if they cannot be retrained awaiting to be sentenced or whatever WHERE I IT THEN SAFE TO BE??
Marlene Black 2014/08/19 02:47:21 PM
We are not safe anywhere. Not even in our homes. We even have to lick our valuables away at night in case someone breaks in.
James Uknow 2014/08/19 02:48:54 PM
wtf came out of the holding cells and started shooting ,this is crazy
Menzi Gladile 2014/08/19 02:50:51 PM
How does a suspect enter the court with a gun? It was a coincedence that the cop meant to testisfy was short in the head...lovely South Africa
Khutso Bokaba 2014/08/19 02:51:29 PM
How did the gun end in his hands???? Can they please find the people who assisted him in getting the gun to court & send them to jail for long long period... They are killers!
Hetty Oliver 2014/08/19 02:52:48 PM
Nail the SAPS member who smuggled them the gun. Also time for metal detectors again.
Njabulo Hlongwane 2014/08/19 02:54:28 PM
1+1 = 7 Things don't make sense in this country
Gavin Smith 2014/08/19 02:54:40 PM
What is happening to this country? We are losing control....