Limpopo police kill suspected serial rapist

Johannesburg - Limpopo police shot dead a suspected serial rapist in Mankweng, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said on Wednesday.

Frans Kwetepe Thosago, 25, wanted for a string of rape cases and attempted murder in the area, was shot dead on Tuesday.

"A special task team was set to crack those cases and on Tuesday these dedicated police officers were informed about Thosago's whereabouts," Mulaudzi said.

"Following the information, the police found the suspect at an abandoned house at Ga-Makanye village in Mankweng. Seeing that he was surrounded by the police, Thosago fired shots at the law enforcers and a shoot-out ensued, leaving the suspect fatally wounded."

He said Thosago was linked to over 10 cases of rape.

Mulaudzi said the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) had been informed of the shooting and they would investigate the matter further.

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Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/06 03:19:17 PM
Well done. At least they shot him dead. But no doubt there will be an uproar that the offender was only a suspect and then the family will want compensation, then the poor policeman and then and then and then. At least the Bstd won't rape again.
Nkalanga Muzi 2014/08/06 03:19:41 PM
Now he won't hurt anyone, keep up the good work "shoot to kill"
Eugene Fourie 2014/08/06 03:22:33 PM
about time the police started taking out these scumbags...
Karin van Zyl 2014/08/06 03:24:55 PM
Ja only the reported cases,we will never really know how many people he raped. NO loss for the community, just sorry so many had to get hurt before he got shot.
Miles Lancmore 2014/08/06 03:27:36 PM
Well done SAPS at least for today!
Hennie Barnard 2014/08/06 03:32:40 PM
Splunken Gobblesmack 2014/08/06 03:36:33 PM
He's now very much an ex-suspected serial rapist.
Mapula Mogwanye 2014/08/06 03:38:20 PM
Crime doesn't pay,Thumb up to the one who informed the Police,to all the Victims # slowly but Surely you will be Fine
Maru Sebata 2014/08/06 03:47:43 PM
Well done SAPS, neeeeext!!!! Crimanals belong 2 their resting place!!!
Koonradie Steyn 2014/08/06 03:50:22 PM
Rip and heartfelt condolences to the family.