Lodge owner found stabbed to death

Johannesburg - A 59-year-old British woman who owned a game lodge near Thabazimbi has been murdered, Limpopo police said on Wednesday.

Christine Robinson's body was found by her staff in her bedroom around 07:30, police spokesperson Ronel Otto said.

"It seems she was stabbed in her neck... money she withdrew to pay salaries seems to be missing," Otto said.

AfriForum spokesperson Ian Cameron appealed to government to prioritise farm murders.

"This is another horrific murder in South Africa. The slow rate at which government responds to crime sends a distorted image of our country to the rest of the world," Cameron said.

No arrests have been made.


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Reon De Reuck 2014/07/30 07:27:46 PM
Another senseless murder.
David Hawkins 2014/07/30 07:32:35 PM
'No arrests have been made.' No arrests will be made
Mpho Modiba Alphy 2014/07/30 07:32:41 PM
another bloodshed oh God bless Sa
Ettienne 2014/07/30 07:32:50 PM
Amazing, the women was paying salaries to staff, one numskull decides he wants it all for himself and will likely blow it all in one place leaving himself and the staff without any money for the foreseeable future. That's just brilliant fore thought, lets just kill the goose that is laying the egg, that way everyone can be poor like me.
Peter Mutulu Madikoto II 2014/07/30 07:39:07 PM
what's going on in this country mara? a lot of deaths and chaos
Themba Mzukulwane Ka-Ndlavele Thela 2014/07/30 07:39:22 PM
Bloody inside job,find them,prosecute them,lock them up,and throw the key in the deep waters of the ocean....
Dimitar Kostov 2014/07/30 07:45:42 PM
The silence from government is too loud. it seems as though alot of people are supporting this violence by saying nothing and catching noone.
Gavin Bryant 2014/07/30 07:46:57 PM
ZOOMA'S canonies solution to foreigners owning land in SA!
Motho Fela 2014/07/30 07:49:45 PM
How long people must continue to die for nothing before this government act??? This country needs Death Penalty as simple as that!! You can't just kill people just like that, for small money, cell phones.Criminal are evils in this country and they need to be murdered too.
PointBlank 2014/07/30 07:50:05 PM
Knuckle dragging savages.