Lwandle inquiry extended

Johannesburg - The term of the inquiry into the removal of people from Sanral-owned land in Cape Town has been extended, spokesperson Vusi Tshose said on Sunday.

Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu granted a request from inquiry chair Denzil Potgieter for the inquiry to be extended until 30 September, he said in a statement.

"The extension was necessitated by the large volume of written submissions received, and the extensive interest shown by stakeholders, including members of the affected community, to participate in the process," Tshose said.

On 2 June and 3 June, about 200 illegally erected shacks were burned and demolished by the high court sheriff and police officials.

The SA National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral), to whom the road reserve belonged, obtained a court order to remove the people from its land.

When the inquiry has finished its work, it is expected to submit a comprehensive report with recommendations to Sisulu.

On The Edge 2014/08/04 05:39:13 AM
Who is paying for all of this!? It's unacceptable that an illegal squoting act can cost us tax payers money! Why are we having this inquiry, don't you think every other eviction will want the same!? Stop the madness, spend our money wisely.... please can we form a voting poll where all tax money to spent on matters are exposed for us, the tax payers to have a 51% say? I.e. you want to investigate an issue like this and if Ramsay no and if by decree it goes ahead, all costs incurred will be for the defendant's account, etc... why can we only make an 'X' every 5 years? Why can't we be actively participating in everyday decisions? As a tax payer and a voter, I have that right! As do you, if you vote and if you pay your taxes: like the lotto, farmhouse who don't have access to the internet, people that qualify, can go and make there mark against current affairs? What do you think?
On The Edge 2014/08/04 05:40:18 AM
Squatting, not squoting..
On The Edge 2014/08/04 05:45:22 AM
Ramsay, should read we say no... and farmhouse should read, for those.... sorry, I really should take the time to read my posts before submitting them...
Kirsty Prinsloo 2014/08/04 06:00:33 AM
What amazes me is the lengthy the anc will go to, to waste tax money just to play dirty politics. Only fools cannot see how and why this happened, and those fools vote for them anyway.
On The Edge 2014/08/04 07:44:01 AM
Anthony, if anyone is Useless, it must be you! You that Anthony troll with many identities, right? Thanks, you just proved why my aforementioned polling idea will not work...too many ignorant and uninformed impasals such as yourself in SA... Do you even know the story here? Seems you know how to write but you lack the necessity to read and comperhend! Never the less, I ain't gonna help remind you as to whom exactly is at fault, you blithering Neanderthal... Every time you bring out the race card, don't complain when this kind of rhetoric greets you!
Johan Steyn265 2014/08/04 08:05:13 AM
I don't get this??? They were living ilegaly on the land and they knew it, now they are removed by a legal court document but yet an inquiry must be done what a bunch of fools this can only happen in the new black sa!
Stephanes Heunis 2014/08/04 08:13:32 AM
Roddy Jardim 2014/08/04 08:39:08 AM
The fare continues
Roddy Jardim 2014/08/04 08:39:44 AM
The farce continues
Clinton van Rensburg 2014/08/04 08:41:20 AM
How stupid can you get trying to justify wrongs committed by black majority in the name of democracy. Lindi get a life. Use your brain.