MEC: Officials looking into ‘rape’ game

Cape Town - Education officials are investigating claims that primary schoolchildren in Cape Town have a playground game simulating rape, Western Cape education MEC Debbie Schfer said on Monday.

"If children, including primary schoolchildren, are engaging in games wherein the boys run after girls and pretend to rape them, as reported, this reflects a serious problem with our society," she said.

"The fact that primary schoolchildren even know what rape is and how it is done is tragic."

She said the department had launched a full investigation into the "rape, rape" game, and district officials would visit schools this week to speak to principals.

An urgent briefing would be called when the investigation was complete.

The Cape Times reported on Monday that principals and parents in Mitchells Plain had raised the alarm about the new game.

A Mitchells Plain principal, who asked not to be named, told the newspaper that girls as young as 10 were given a chance to run before the boys chased after them.

He said that when a girl was caught, a boy would pin her down and simulate rape for up to 20 seconds.

Once "raped", she would be out of the game. The game continued until all girls had been "raped".

Schfer said the department had not received any reports from the public or schools about the game.

"We will do whatever we can to educate our learners that this kind of behaviour is just not on," she said.

"We also appeal to parents and religious institutions to educate children at home and after school about the differences between right and wrong.

"This kind of alleged behaviour does not exist in a vacuum."

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Mthokozisi BabakaZamancwango Phakathi 2014/08/18 02:58:32 PM
Ooooooooh Lord have mercy
Darrion Dickens 2014/08/18 03:01:20 PM
"We also appeal to parents and religious institutions to educate children at home and after school about the differences between right and wrong." Our society truly is crumbling. Why is it even necessary for an Education MEC to have to tell a parent this? What kind of values are these people teaching their kids? Someone shouldn't have to tell you this is wrong.
Tatenda Patience Mlambo-Mahleko 2014/08/18 03:01:55 PM
I am speechless.
Renel Wagener 2014/08/18 03:03:08 PM
Very sad....
Fullmoon Up 2014/08/18 03:11:57 PM
...seemingly it does, and that vacuum being Mitchells plain area.
Teko Mohaeka 2014/08/18 03:13:18 PM
Government via the SABC is teaching our children this raperape games by flighting blue movies like Yizo Yizo.We are a sick society.In bantu education this kind of behaviour never existed,never
Vasco Vigis 2014/08/18 03:14:55 PM
I dare not ask what is next.
Motlalepula Matshwe 2014/08/18 03:32:06 PM
I thought this was the Province for the intelligent only,the civilised,the moraly superior. The holy province,shocked.
Mlisa Womdabu 2014/08/18 03:50:41 PM
There's something seriously wrong with your brains.
Linda Watson 2014/08/18 04:01:40 PM
Jesus Herbert Christ.