MJC urges UN to help stop Islamic State

Cape Town - The Muslim Judicial Council has urged the United Nations to intervene and stop the atrocities committed by Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

The MJC told the Cape Times that it “unequivocally condemned” the murders of civilians in the countries.

This comes after the mass murder of 770 Iraqis who were captured from a former US military facility in June, AP reported.

 The al-Qaeda-breakaway posted graphic photos in mid-June that appeared to show its gunmen massacring scores of Iraqi soldiers after loading the captives onto flatbed trucks and then forcing them to lie face-down in a shallow ditch, their arms tied behind their backs.

The group also released a video on Tuesday of US journalist Steven Sotloff being beheaded. US officials confirmed its authenticity on Wednesday, Reuters reported. President Barack Obama vowed to "degrade and destroy" the group.

The UN’s top human rights body announced earlier this week that it will open an investigation into suspected crimes committed by the Islamic State.

Its aim would be to provide the Human Rights Council with evidence on atrocities committed in Iraq, which could be used as part of any international war crimes prosecution.

Meanwhile, the Claremont Main Road Mosque said it would dedicate this Friday’s prayers to denouncing IS’s murders and will hold a silent vigil afterwards in Claremont Main Road.

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Shireen Abbas Davids 2014/09/04 10:40:15 AM
Algamdu ! Get rid of all these isis terrorist
Yvonne Pietersen 2014/09/04 10:41:46 AM
Nice to see there are a few caring muslims. Hope they are serious about condemning these militants
Marilyn Edge 2014/09/04 10:44:04 AM
Why was/is the SA government condemning Israeli attacks on HAMAS militants?
Lynda Griffin 2014/09/04 11:04:26 AM
Well that's a step in the right direction!
Makhulu Zulu 2014/09/04 11:06:08 AM
Most if not all muslims condemn IS but the cause of IS creation is purely because of the constant harassment of the West in the Middle East. Can you see USA double standards on Russia/Ukraine and Israel/Palestine as an example. Can you see the double standards on Israel having nukes and Iran having sanctions because of nukes. You have to create enemies when you behave like this.
Brad Saunders 2014/09/04 11:18:45 AM
Courageous call now extend that call to all likeminded Muslims throughout the world.
Rob Stone 2014/09/04 11:19:10 AM
Why the UN? What about all their rich muslim brothers next door - Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE? Surely they would want to help to stop there fellow Muslims getting killed.
Rod Glod 2014/09/04 11:19:24 AM
So where is the march in protest..Oh I forgot..no jews involved...
Bafana Malaza 2014/09/04 11:28:37 AM
These guys must come for all the racists in our country. That's the only way to eliminate the scourge and indignity brought about by racists who believe they are a superior species.
Terrorist 2014/09/04 11:33:32 AM
Why not spend that energy on urging the UN to stop the murderous terrorist regime of the US government instead of selling out your brothers? IDIOTS!