Man appears in connection with toddler shooting

Johannesburg - A 24-year-old man arrested in connection with the shooting of a three-year-old boy and a man in Westbury is expected to appear in the Sophiatown Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

The boy is in a critical condition and on life support in hospital.

Police said the shooting happened on the corner of Statler and Croesus streets in the suburb west of Johannesburg on Saturday evening.

The boy and a 26-year-old man were travelling in the area in separate vehicles when they were hit by stray bullets. They were taken to nearby hospitals.

The man was shot in his right arm and was treated and discharged.

People who witnessed the shooting identified the 24-year-old man and reported him to police who arrested him.

No firearms were recovered. The motive for the shooting was still unknown.

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Bafedile Selahle 2014/08/05 06:16:32 AM
ixh mara yoh,jst wishing da lil boy a speedy rec0very
Greg Bremner 2014/08/05 06:50:02 AM
All the best to the child and a speedy recovery. Bring back the death sentence.
Samuel Modumaela 2014/08/05 06:59:31 AM
that man must be castrated without using anaesthetics.
Clifford Ymcmb Juwakie 2014/08/05 07:22:20 AM
Kill that barstard he derseve to die idiot,or through him into acid.
Sisie Indola 2014/08/05 07:26:50 AM
The people of these neighbourhoods know who the gangsters are - so if you are so sick and tired of them as you always tell the media, then do something about it. Make a list of names of the people who are gangsters with addresses and go as a community to the police. Ask to open a case dated and see how the wheels of justice turn - if nothing happens then do it again and again. Why are you waiting for someone else to do something - get your ducks in a row and get down to it. And please don't say that your little angel would never do something like that - please that is just turning a blind eye to the happenings in your own home. The taking of a young innocent child is despicable and you deserve to get hung.
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/05 07:41:00 AM
Hope the little one does recover. Thoughts with the family. Hang him high.
Douglas Bhute Buthelezi 2014/08/05 08:56:05 AM
The idiot does not deserve to be called a man. Hope he suffers in jail then die.