Man dies after being attacked with bricks

Durban - A man has died after being struck with bricks in Westville on Thursday, KwaZulu-Natal paramedics said.

He was walking along Booth Road when the assault happened, said Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha.

"Netcare 911 paramedics arrived at the scene and found the man lying in the roadway with extensive injuries," he said.

"After medics examined him they established that he tragically died before our arrival due to the extensive injuries that he sustained."

Motive unclear

Provincial police spokesperson Colonel Jay Naicker confirmed the incident.

"A body of an unknown man was found on the pavement of Booth Road bridge under [the] N2 freeway," he said.

The man, believed to be around 30-years-old, sustained head injuries and bruises all over his body, said Naicker.

Bricks were found next to his body.

"The motive of the killing is unknown at this stage. Cato Manor police are investigating a case of murder."

No arrest has been made yet.

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Jenny Anderson 2014/08/07 12:59:18 PM
Mob Justice, maybe a thief
Heinrich Adams Adams 2014/08/07 01:03:30 PM
And no arrest will be made due to uneducated investigators
Miles Lancmore 2014/08/07 01:24:43 PM
Lots of evil people out there!!
Johan Nothnagel 2014/08/07 01:35:24 PM
Found injuries ? Found bricks next his body ? Wow !!!!! This is quite difficult to conclude "dies - attacked with bricks" what we want to hear is - "murdurer found" and most importantly what happened to the accused ? Jail years or death sentence !!!!! Wake up !!!!!!
Joe Black302 2014/08/07 01:49:04 PM
Did he have his wallet? I bet you if there were street cams it would show he did not want to give money to druggies.
Margaret Cox 2014/08/07 02:05:50 PM
Perhaps there wasn't a motive. Just a bunch of bored thugs and the unfortunate man who walked past. Some people don't need a motive for violence these days. Poor soul.
Bob Rob 2014/08/07 02:14:04 PM
Akhona Makuluma 2014/08/07 02:42:14 PM
R.I.P my brother and a sincere condolonces to his family may God intervene.I bless his family to recover quickly
Johan Nothnagel 2014/08/07 02:48:04 PM
I vote for E-tolls in every street in SA - its the only way we can have cameras in sky - cause the govt needs more corruption to do less on crime.......
Candice Cands 2014/08/07 10:56:30 PM
I wonder if white pp, did this? Mmmm.......