Man killed, wife, son hurt in Joburg crash

Johannesburg - A man was killed and his wife and 6-year-old son were seriously injured in an accident in South Hills, Johannesburg, paramedics said on Monday.

The man, believed to be in his 30s, died on the scene at the Outspan and Heidelberg road intersection on Sunday night, ER24 spokesperson Russell Meiring said.

"A woman in her late 20s lay trapped in the passenger seat while her six-year-old child lay in his car seat in the back."

The two were treated on the scene before being taken to a nearby hospital. A truck was found nearby. It apparently collided with the car, which then hit the traffic light.

No occupants were found in the truck, Meiring said.

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SunshinyDay 2014/08/25 11:44:20 AM
So the driver of the truck did a runner? That's nice, to leave a man to die. RIP to the father.
Tinus Kieser 2014/08/25 11:54:18 AM
for sure, that truck driver was drunk, dont have a licence and caused the accident,
Douglas Ross 2014/08/25 11:58:26 AM
When is the department of transportation going to do something about these trucks, busses and taxi's? You hardly hear about an accident without one of them being the cause of the accident. This weekend I had to drive in the yellow lane because a truck decided to overtake another truck on a single Road.
Denton Fourie 2014/08/25 12:32:36 PM
The problem is that the pursuit for financial gain is far more important than health and safety in SA.
Cassava Undersiege 2014/08/25 12:39:06 PM
'No occupants were found in the truck' but its presence on the scene would facilitate the police with investigations and lets hope they will find the origins of the truck.
Marc Anthony Webb 2014/08/25 01:28:21 PM
The majority of light,medium and heavy transport drivers have very if any experience in driving I regularly grind my teeth when I watch one of them pull away at a traffic light or on a incline,they have absolute zero efficiency in clutch and gear shift control.This must cost transport companies millions in clutches and damaged gearboxes with the level of driving skill to offer.My point is we have such a high percentage of illegal drivers on the road who have bought their licences and have not had sufficient training in anyway.They are then let loose on our already dangerous roads putting the innocent at risk...
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/25 01:43:42 PM
So, another child loses a father and wife loses a husband, because of a negligent bstd behind a wheel of a truck. Thoughts to the family of the deceased.
Xavier7034 2014/08/25 03:17:20 PM
That particular intersection, is a killer because trucks hurtle along there at breakneck speed to catch the robot, and these poor people were caught – so sad, driving standards in southern Africa are pathetic.
Ayanda Yandy Mntungwa 2014/08/25 08:15:53 PM
RIP to my uncle.. I still can't believe it. But as time goes all wounds shall be healed
Gregg Stirton 2014/08/26 11:16:19 AM
I hope these driverless trucks don't become a thing.