Maqubela to appear for pre-sentencing

Cape Town - Thandi Maqubela, convicted of killing her husband, acting judge Patrick Maqubela, will appear in the Western Cape High Court on Wednesday for pre-sentencing proceedings.

The Star newspaper reported last Wednesday that the court had given her more time to file papers against a court order that resulted in her share of her husband's estate being frozen.

Last Tuesday, Muhammed Kagee, lawyer for the Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU), asked the court for an interim order to be extended until 18 November.

The AFU obtained a provisional restraint order last month and is seeking to strip Maqubela of her share - believed to be worth around R7.2m - of the estate of her husband, acting judge Patrick Maqubela, who was killed in June 2009.

According to the newspaper, this was on the grounds that her share constitutes the "proceeds of unlawful activities".

In November, the same court found Maqubela guilty of killing her husband.

She was also found guilty of forging her husband's will and committing fraud by causing potential prejudice to his estate.

She is being held at Pollsmoor Prison until the sentencing procedures.

Jurgen Eksteen 2014/09/03 06:45:39 AM
The new soap since Generations. I wonder how many faints today?
Mr T. 2014/09/03 06:47:12 AM
Why pre sentencing, why not close tha matter once and for all. We need to read good news done by the ANC government.
Aqua BlueAfrica 2014/09/03 07:24:36 AM
#Bringbackthedeathsentence. to Themba-you obviously resort under those mass stupidity lot who believes anything good come from the cANCer organisation #ursovein
Adie Masana 2014/09/03 07:24:48 AM
Send this woman to jail. She killed her hubby
Sabelo Sabz Hlubelikhulu Mcondobi 2014/09/03 07:33:31 AM
She must remain there_i never heard of a cruel female person like her in my life. Other than this sentence by Western Cape High Court she is awaiting sentence from the almighty. I hate greedy women_her children are now vulnerable and she dares took them to court for hearings after what she did. Those children should not suppose to attend those hearings and placed under such experiences.
David Broadfoot 2014/09/03 07:42:31 AM
The female of the species is the deadliest.;->
Lynda Griffin 2014/09/03 08:34:24 AM
Its about time this woman was put away for the murder of her husband!