Mbete taken to 1 Military after health scare

Johannesburg - Speaker of Parliament Baleka Mbete had a health scare so life threatening that she was transferred from 2 Military Hospital to 1 Military hospital by military plane, City Press reported on Sunday.

The 64-year-old was accompanied on her flight by two doctors, who considered taking a defibrillator - a machine used to treat life-threatening heart conditions - with them on the plane, according to the report.

Mbete is expected to be back at work next week when Parliament's new term starts on 19 August.

Parliament said Mbete was recovering well after being advised by doctors to rest and rebuild her strength after an intense election campaign in May.

According to the report, Mbete was well enough to walk aboard the jet, dressed in pyjamas and wrapped in a blanket.

She shared the plane with Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, who had to be dropped off in the Eastern Cape, before the plane continued with Mbete to Pretoria.

The flight took off on 25 July, three days after Mbete delivered Parliament's budget speech in the National Assembly and two days after Mapisa-Nqakula delivered her budget speech, according to the report.

Mbete's spokesperson Joy Peter told the publication that the Ministerial Handbook allowed Mbete to use military facilities.

"Chapter 6, part 4 of the Ministerial Handbook clearly stipulates that members, which includes a Speaker of Parliament, may use SA Air Force aircraft for health reasons, and Ms Mbete was not well at the time," she was quoted as saying.

Jabulani Sopho 2014/08/17 01:37:50 PM
Nature will always remind them their just humans.anyway enjoy milking the(tax-payers)cash-cows,greedy cadres!
Nhlahla David 2014/08/17 01:39:50 PM
September Mphikeleli 2014/08/17 01:43:42 PM
They promise her to be a second Deputy President now they demoted her to a Speaker heart broken cause heart failure
Petrus Kruger 2014/08/17 01:46:31 PM
Totally sickening .. just made in time for full medical and chapter XYZ privileges !!
Koonradie Steyn 2014/08/17 01:47:30 PM
Corruption kills
Zanele Nkosi299 2014/08/17 01:49:53 PM
Nkandlagate is making her ill
Samu Choe 2014/08/17 01:57:17 PM
nkandlagate effects
Victor Mahasha 2014/08/17 02:08:33 PM
Intense election campaighn, so she just didn,t reveal but was feeling the pressure
Lilian Looney 2014/08/17 02:11:07 PM
Why is she being taken to the Military hospital? Surely she has medical aid paid for by us (the taxpayer)???
Haifa Joomah 2014/08/17 02:11:39 PM
so State hospital not good enough for queen B!