Metro cop asked to hijack truck turns group in

Johannesburg - Six people were arrested in Orkney, North West on Thursday when they tried to hijack a truck by pretending to be metro police officers, the Johannesburg metro police said.

The group, aged between 25 and 35, was arrested at around 17:00, JMPD Chief Supt Wayne Minnaar said.

A JMPD sergeant stationed in Soweto received a private call on his cellphone on Sunday from a man who said he needed the officer to assist him in hijacking a truck. The man said he was given the officer's number by another JMPD official.

"The sergeant reported the matter immediately to the SA Police Service and the JMPD," Minnaar said.

The sergeant was told to co-operate so that the suspect could be arrested.

"Today the criminal phoned the sergeant to stop a truck in Orkney. Members of the Hawks were in six cars and managed to arrest six suspects."

They were found in possession of Ekurhuleni metro police uniforms.

The officer who gave the sergeant's number to the man would be arrested, Minnaar said.

The group faced charges of conspiracy to commit a crime, impersonating metro police officers, attempting to hijack a truck and possession of a tracker jammer.

A court date was not yet set.

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Akhenaten 2014/08/08 07:20:54 AM
Good sergeant. Would you like a transfer to Cape Town? We need people like you.
Michael Kleber 2014/08/08 07:23:33 AM
Well done , i commend you on your honesty .
Belinda Olivier 2014/08/08 07:24:11 AM
Thanks to the sergeant. We need more people like you. GOD bless and have a wonderful life.
Jorge Dos Santos 2014/08/08 07:25:49 AM
Praise God, one honest cop.
Atomic 2014/08/08 07:26:05 AM
Give that man a Bell's!
BLUESILVER2012 2014/08/08 07:27:54 AM
Humberto Roberts 2014/08/08 07:29:36 AM
Great to know that we still have some honest police who can make a difference. The officer that is implicated should get at least 10 years to serve as an example.
Koonradie Steyn 2014/08/08 07:31:07 AM
The poor cop's life is in danger as scumbags will be realesed soon,its hard to be honest in this country not under anc regime.
Spha Mathonsi 2014/08/08 07:34:41 AM
Good job sergeant..
Paul Dennis Murison 2014/08/08 07:37:08 AM
Well done.