Minister announces probe into alleged spy

Johannesburg - State Security Minister David Mahlobo has announced a probe into weekend reports claiming misconduct by an alleged State Security Agency (SSA) spy.

"In the wake of weekend newspaper reports alleging improper conduct against persons reported to be associated with the State Security Agency, the Minister of State Security Mr David Mahlobo, MP has requested the Inspector General of Intelligence Advocate Faith Doreen Radebe to conduct an investigation in terms of the Intelligence Services Oversight Act, Act 40 of 1994," his office said.

"The investigation will seek to establish the facts and get to the bottom of the allegations made about members of the State Security Agency."


City Press on Sunday reported that Belinda Walter, an advocate, laid a complaint against SA Revenue Service (Sars) group executive Johann van Loggerenberg after their relationship ended in May.

This was after their relationship allegedly went sour when Van Loggerenberg discovered that Walter was acting as a lawyer for alleged tobacco smugglers he and Sars were investigating for tax evasion, fraud, and money laundering.

According to City Press, Walter confessed to Van Loggerenberg that she was also working as a spy for a unit of the SSA, which was investigating the same tobacco smugglers Sars was probing.

The unit, which reportedly operated from a house in Pretoria east, had worked with the alleged tobacco smugglers. Convicted drug trafficker Glen Agliotti, who testified against former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi, allegedly recruited the smugglers.

The group also allegedly had a hand in trying to reinstate former crime intelligence boss Richard Mdluli and the ousting of National Prosecuting Authority prosecutor Glynnis Breytenbach, and replacing Sars top management.

The Sunday Times and Rapport also published reports on the matter.

'Outlandish, ridiculous'

Walter this week dismissed the reports as "outlandish, ridiculous and spurious statements" and threatened to take legal action against the newspapers.

The state security minister said in his statement announcing the probe on Wednesday evening: "We remain accountable and would conduct our tradecraft within the spirit of the Constitution and the law.

"As indicated before, we are committed to professionalise the service and will deal decisively with ill-discipline irrespective of any person involved."

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John Stoltz 2014/08/14 10:44:15 AM
News24 should keep a matrix of all these investigations/probes into Gov departments misconduct, and measure how many actually come to fruition, and how many goes cold!! It seems like Gov tactics to shout very loud when discoverd, but soon it goes very quiet!!
Paige Turner 2014/08/14 10:49:37 AM
We'd take these investigation seriously if they were aimed at the very people who appear to be most guilty. Let's start the list with JZ ... any other suggestions?
Theo Martinez 2014/08/14 10:50:47 AM
smoke and mirrors.
Made-In SA 2014/08/14 10:59:57 AM
This investigation is to be conducted by Faith Radebe,Inspector General of Intelligence.DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH WITH REGARDS TO THE OUTCOME.When Jiba refused to charge "Spytapes" Mdluli with fraud of millions and theft of millions from the SAPS Secret account,the investigation into Mdluli was handed over to Faith Radebe.What became of that investigation?
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/14 11:06:08 AM
OOOh that has got to hurt. Probe into alleged spy. Ouch
Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg 2014/08/14 11:09:34 AM
If Hollywood ever run out of ideas for horror movies, all they need to do is come here. What happens here is unbelievable.
Lpk Pmc 2014/08/17 08:03:01 PM
Dear Minister Mahlobo ... you will now have determined that some of the most dubious persons are appointed within SSA and given foreign postings ... most top brass are old ANC cadres with diploma's in ludicrous unrelated fields .. check their CVs (unless Thuli must) ... the qualified and experienced resign ... gone ... another department bites the dust !! Ask Moe ... ask Simon ...