Ministry welcomes end to Medunsa strike

Johannesburg - The Higher Education Ministry on Friday welcomed the agreement between Medunsa students and university management which ended a two-week student strike.

Talks between the two parties started on 31 July, led by the department's director general Gwebinkundla Qonde, spokesperson Khaye Nkwanyana said in a statement.

"We encourage continuous engagements and commonly established processes between management and the SRC on any matters henceforth, in ways that will mutually take the university community forward, especially the students."

The two parties reached an agreement on Thursday, to open the Ga-Rankuwa campus, north of Pretoria, for students, Medical University of SA (Medunsa) spokesperson Kgalema Mohuba said at the time.

"We expect that everything will return to normal by Monday. Police are still investigating the incidents and going through the CCTV footage," Mohuba said.

Both parties apparently reached an agreement late on Thursday afternoon before appearing in court.

Mohuba said a settlement was reached when the Student Representative Council agreed to certain conditions.

"The president of the SRC agreed to write and distribute a communiqué indicating that students would cease protests, stop vandalising the school's property and stop harassing our staff members."

Earlier in the day, the SA Medical Association called for an end to the ongoing strike.

The university was closed on Wednesday with management ordering students to vacate the premises. Students had been on strike for about two weeks demanding the removal of certain lecturers alleged to be failing students.

The students were also believed to be unhappy about renaming the campus as Sefako Makgatho.

Management said the decision to close the campus was informed by the stubborn behaviour of both the SRC and the student community.

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@Thabo.Shaku 2014/08/08 10:49:13 PM
Send them all to study in Cuba!
Louis Van Den Elst 2014/08/08 10:52:11 PM
Suggest they also fix the sign not a good image can imagine what the rest of the facility looks like Typical of SA no maintenance and lack of pride
Chris Flack 2014/08/08 11:12:36 PM
Pamela Mika 2014/08/09 12:11:06 AM
Studied there, never want to go back. Facilities are a joke, residences are old and filthy, we washed our clothes same place as our dishes. Don't even get me started on the state of the labs, everything outdated and nothing worked well. And the name change, what for??? They need to adress the real issue.. enough with all this name change BS, the students were not striking for no reason, that place is a dump!!
Pogiso Mekgwe 2014/08/09 03:58:42 AM
Disagreement doesnt mean I am stubborn.I cant jst agree everything. Showing dissatisfactions does not mean I also stubborn.come on the so called management and those external sources who always doesnt wanna lesson to the students.
Anthony Gold 2014/08/09 06:36:11 AM
Me dunce uh!
Dan Butler 2014/08/09 07:23:08 AM
So help me here. These are our future doctors learning to be disruptive, strikers, etc?? Wow!! Because certain lecturers fail them? So if they cannot pass with say 80% or whatever does it mean that for 20% of their diagnoses they are wrong?
Bernd Kankowski 2014/08/09 07:41:12 AM
This is an extension of our poor education system. Pass rate of 30% creates an environment of lazy learners and the subject standard and content creates false expectations. Pupils are getting distinctions which are actually diluted, creating false expectations. When they battle at university or other quality learning institutions they resort to barbaric methods to try and force institutions to pass them. This is so immature and shows the lack of respect. Doctors are responsible for peoples lives so only the best of the best should graduate. This is not a demand and receive profession, or because I'm black I should be passed. Study hard and you will pass. If you don't then don't demand to be passed. Accept that you are too stupid for the medical profession and do something else with your life and stop destroying property
Mbuti Lumata 2014/08/10 11:15:22 AM
Isn't it pathetic to have ignorant citizens commenting on this article? I find it preposterous seeing comments which aren't grounded on facts. No student is demanding to be condoned. We are all intellects and are mindful of the prerequisites to pass. Our issue was on student victimization and NSFAS. Students were failed and told to repeat a 5 weeks block for the whole year... They requested a review And were told the scripts are lost. Doesn't that raise eyebrows?? Our issue here is; they should find those scripts, remark them and publish fair results. MEDUNSA is still a prestigious institution that produces competent medical professionals. If you refuse "patient care" from a medunsa graduate; just walk!!!it won't offend to the inept Doctors for your death certificate. STOP jeering us, we are sensible elders.