Mooi River mayor removed - report

Pietermaritzburg - The African National Congress would not confirm reports that it had sacked Mooi Mpofana local municipality mayor Ntombi Mpangase in the wake of protests during the past week.

The Witness newspaper reported on Friday that Mpangase and three other ANC councillors had been fired by the party.

However, ANC provincial secretary Sihle Zikalala declined to confirm or deny the report.

"We will publicly pronounce ourselves at the correct time," he told Sapa on Friday.

He said talks had been held with the community.

Rubber bullets

The protests started last Friday but died down over the weekend. They erupted again on Monday and Wednesday, when police were forced to use rubber bullets to disperse protesters throwing stones on the N3.

The protesters had been calling for Mpangase's sacking.

The Witness also reported that the ANC had asked the co-operative governance and traditional affairs department to place the municipality under administration.

However, department spokesperson Lennox Mabaso told Sapa he was not aware of the report and a statement on the municipality would be issued later on Friday.

On Monday police said they had arrested 10 people. It was not immediately clear if more had been arrested during Wednesday's protests.

On Monday the province's co-operative governance and traditional affairs department said it had sent a rapid response team to defuse the situation.

proudlysa 2014/08/29 12:15:34 PM
The tide is turning against the ANC. At long last their own members are starting to realize why corrupt party should not govern, as it leads to the people suffering. Bring on the corrupt free DA, all in SA will then benefit
Jenny Anderson 2014/08/29 12:28:57 PM
Another AA or BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE appointment, it boggles my mind as to why the anc will not appoint people who can do the job, for the benefit of the country and as well as transfer of vital skills to keep this institutions going well.!!!!!!!!!!
Thato Seloane 2014/08/29 12:34:02 PM
Don't confuse Employment Equity with cadre deployment. The latter is just appointing imbeciles to keep members employed at all costs to us as citizens
Lawrence Robert Atkinson 2014/08/29 12:35:26 PM
Arrest the protesters, never the corrupt ANC mayor. That's ANC democracy at work
Brown Hair 2014/08/29 12:45:55 PM
Yet another example where the ANC only reacts after violent protests. Why don't they just do what is right in the first place. Looks like we may have to be violent to sort out the etolls fiasco.... Such a shame.
Arthur Salvado 2014/08/29 01:08:12 PM
This corrupt ANC is sooooo arrogant . They dont know that they are answerable to the PEOPLE. If only they had some sort of (proper) education. Sad to witness the stupidity
Nceba Mbane 2014/08/29 01:37:09 PM
There is nothing to celebrate with this waste removal, because it can only be replaced by another useless cadre. All anc people are exactly like this, corrupt to the core. Anc is not a good party with a few bad apples, but a mafia party of corruption and crime sprinkled with 2 or 3 good people going bad also.
James jonas 2014/08/29 01:37:39 PM
at least ANC had done honourable thing by firing lazy people who are only good in stealing from the poor. failing to dever on their promises.
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/29 01:41:39 PM
Fired or redeployed to another area within the government?
Sydney Horn 2014/08/29 01:57:41 PM
The fired parties will be deployed to go F$%#k up some other communities lives and the current community protesting will come election time with a new T-shirt and a tummy full of KFC vote once again for the despicable bunch in the ANC ! Sad but True