More households have bucket toilet system

Pretoria - The number of households using the bucket toilet system is on the increase, Statistician General Pali Lehohla said on Tuesday.

"We had 73 413 still using the bucket system. That has increased to 99 102," Lehohla said at the release of the 2013 non-financial census of municipalities in Pretoria.

"Those are the households using the bucket system and we have their predominance in the Free State, Eastern Cape, and the Northern Cape."

The census examines the provision of basic and free services, including water and sanitation. It looks at income, employment and indigent households in municipalities.

Indigent households, including child-headed families, are registered with municipalities and qualify for rebates/remissions. These households also receive support or service subsidies.

Lehohla said there were 3.4 million indigent households across South Africa.

In the 2013 survey, KwaZulu-Natal topped the list of indigent households with 826 566. The Northern Cape had the least, with 74 239 registered indigent families.

Lehohla said due to several interventions, including services to the poor, between 2006 to 2011 the poverty line dropped from 57 per 100 people to 46.

The survey found that overall basic services provision by municipalities was gradually improving. The number of households receiving basic water supply rose by 3.3% while the number getting electricity improved by 2.3%.

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Mc Apple 2014/09/02 06:09:42 PM
So where is the ANC poo slinging police now?
André Potgieter 2014/09/02 06:25:44 PM
This is not a joke, or tongue in cheek. Due to the price of water in our Metro, I am seriously considering a "long drop" in my back yard. Furthermore, as a result of the price of electricity, I am thinking about a hot water jenny. We are definitely going backwards!
John Greystoke 2014/09/02 06:26:17 PM
Does that mean that fewer people are pooping in the veld and in the bushes? And fewer people are using long drops? What is the problem then? Is the bucket system not the next step up the evolution/civilization ladder?
Bob Van Wilder 2014/09/02 06:35:38 PM
kfc also uses the bucket system - got me a bucket of fried chicken. yum yum. now all i need is a bucket of ice cream.
Venicia Williams 2014/09/02 06:57:34 PM
In which era are we living in again?
Wayne McCrae 2014/09/02 07:40:13 PM
Where did the additional 23 000 people come from in one year? Start addressing that issue.
Erna Westdyk 2014/09/02 07:50:38 PM
And here I thought all the bucket toilets were in the Western Cape!
Nettie Potgieter 2014/09/02 08:44:13 PM
The ANC made a big oe-a that their are no bucket toilets but they have put latrines and that is worse than buckets.
Ros 2014/09/02 09:32:05 PM
Welcome to the real south Africa. In rural areas school children still squat in the bushes. Why no hue and cry about that?
Unusual username 2014/09/02 11:01:29 PM
I'd like to know the definition of a "household" in this. If you squat on someone's land and erect a couple of tin sheets are you considered a poor hard done by unfortunate who doesn't have basic services? Maybe that's because you chose to annex land rather than pay for it. Maybe you don't have a flush toilet because the nearest plumbing is miles away and if you lived near plumbing you'd have to pay for that too. Your lights and heating doesn't work cause you're not on the grid the rest of us pay for. Statistics can tell any story you want.