Motorbike riders, traffic cop injured

Johannesburg - Three motorbike riders and a traffic officer were injured in a series of accidents on the N3 towards Pietermaritzburg in Cato Ridge on Sunday morning, ER24 said.

Spokesperson Werner Vermaak said in the first accident paramedics found motorbike debris scattered over several lanes of the highway and three riders seriously injured after crashing into each other.

A traffic officer and a colleague were sent to cordon off the area and alert traffic, but apparently an articulated truck came bearing down on them.

The driver of the traffic vehicle managed to get away in time, but not the passenger.

The truck crushed her inside the vehicle and it took fire and rescue services about 40 minutes to get the seriously injured woman out of the wreckage.

The truck driver was not injured.

The motorcyclists were taken to hospital for further treatment.

Prego George 2014/08/03 01:47:28 PM
I think we need to look at the bike riders again. They simply reckless since they allowed to to move in between cars in traffic. A lot of them are responsible but I have seen many of them that cannot control there horses. Always want wiggle through traffic to just about fall over at the traffic light. The one wants to pass left the other right and boy can they get aggressive. I still believe when there is more than two lanes a side they must get of the road and use alternative routes. No jumping of the queue . Maybe we must post our dash cams on these incidents and that goes for taxis and buses.
Manyaka Patrick 2014/08/03 02:11:48 PM
Get well guys
Greg Karpakis 2014/08/03 03:05:15 PM
What is a traffic vehicle exactly?
Shaun ter Bruggen 2014/08/03 05:54:30 PM
Pergola, when you have a spare moment please translate your contribution into English. Ta.
Paul Valas 2014/08/03 06:51:17 PM
It's not skipping the queue if the bike is off the mark quicker and doesn't take up space in traffic you dimwit.
Bernie Swart 2014/08/04 08:28:41 AM
Obviously, Prego George does not ride a bike.....
Marius Jansen Van Rensburg 2014/08/04 11:34:07 AM
"traffic vehicle" ???? @N24 .... the 30% pass are really shining through in your articles!
Marius Jansen Van Rensburg 2014/08/04 11:34:10 AM
"traffic vehicle" ???? @N24 .... the 30% pass are really shining through in your articles!
Pond Saint John 2014/08/25 09:25:19 PM
Filtering or lane splitting is proven safer for riders and is used around the world except in the US (but allowed in California) Not allowing filtering would result in more accidents as more motorcyclists would be hit from the front and behind by inattentive drivers