Mpuma serial rapist jailed for 100 years

Mbombela - A serial rapist who targeted women by showing them a "short-cut" on a route they were using, was sentenced to a combined 100 years in prison by the Nelspruit Regional Court on Monday.

Hendry Skhai, 30, from Shabalala near Hazyview, was handed four life sentences plus six years for common robbery, a Sapa correspondent reported.

Skhai targeted women between the ages of 21 and 27. He was arrested in Hazyview on 20 March 2011.

He had been in jail for three years for raping four women, aged 22, 23, 21, and 27. The women were raped and robbed on consecutive days at the same spot.

Skhai would lie in wait and convince his victims there was a shortcut to the place they were going.

During the trial he told the court all the victims were his girlfriends.

Magistrate Willie Wilkens said Skhai's sentence was intended as a warning to would-be rapists.

Wilkens told Skhai he should blame himself that his son would grow up without a father.

"You are the one who made your child grow up without his father," Wilkens said.

"You do not show any remorse and you must be removed from the community because rape is a serious offence. The women were having freedom but now they are afraid and no longer free because of you."

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Mickey Meji 2014/08/19 05:27:46 AM
Does maximum sentence really help? I welcome the sentence though but maybe something needs to be done to make sure these criminals are really afraid of prison. I really wish our country could be a safe place for all. When I read of criminal activities happening in our communities I really wish I wasn't form here and that I could raise my kiss elsewhere.
Akhenaten 2014/08/19 05:36:16 AM
That is what I would call a decent sentence. It is not clear why he is sentenced after being jailed for three years. Was he still in jail?
Derek Bekker 2014/08/19 06:14:57 AM
Needed this judge in griekwastad!
Mosa Daniels 2014/08/19 07:11:35 AM
I know the guy he once did a jail time before for rape
André C A Jacobs 2014/08/19 07:26:32 AM
Pathetic. He got what he deserve.
Winsie Mangombe 2014/08/19 07:44:01 AM
This serial rapist was denied bail and had to wait for three years as there were some investigations being done, followed by a lengthy trial since he pleaded not guilty, and had to be formally convicted through evidence... My problem is the treatment he is getting in Prison: one befitting Our law abiding citizens!
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/19 07:50:31 AM
He'll be out in no time. A decent sentence, but he will be given leniency he has already sat three years. We think........
SunshinyDay 2014/08/19 08:28:57 AM
And after how many years does he get parole? I doubt a serial rapist can be rehabilitated, I hope they aren't stupid enough to ever let this man out.
Lubabalo Booi 2014/08/19 09:04:08 AM
Its just a say, after 3 years in prison he will be a free man. Our law is protecting us at the same time its our law that kills us (South Africans).
Oscar Shirinda 2014/08/19 09:12:41 AM