Municipality to re-connect illegal power - report

Johannesburg - Mossel Bay municipality has agreed to re-connect illegal electricity in Kwanonqaba after three days of protests, Eyewitness News reported on Wednesday.

The municipality agreed to reconnect the illegal points after hundreds of residents protested following the disconnection on Sunday.

Earlier, 30 people were arrested for public violence and looting shops during protests.

The protest was apparently over service delivery and electricity in the area.

Police spokesperson Malcolm Pojie said the arrested were caught on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The protests began on Sunday, with people barricading roads with burning tyres, sticks, and stones.

"They also burnt down the Kwanonqaba municipal building, next to the local police station," said Pojie.

He said the protesters also tried to burn down the station, but police managed to prevent them.

The protest began with about 100 people on Sunday, but the number grew to about 3 000 on Monday and 7 000 on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the protesters threw petrol bombs at police, who then used rubber bullets and teargas to disperse the crowd.

"A police helicopter is also being used to monitor the crowd from above," said Pojie.

He said there were no reported cases of any injuries.

Police were monitoring the protesters.

The arrested protesters would appear in the Mossel Bay Magistrate's Court soon.

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Dave Camacho 2014/08/14 05:10:58 AM
And then?
Dennis van Aarde 2014/08/14 05:20:24 AM
Now you are creating a president,the rest of the country will follow
Kevin Marsh 2014/08/14 05:22:29 AM
This is ridiculous . Who will pay for this illegal use?
Lyndatjie 2014/08/14 05:22:47 AM
So stealing and hooliganism is being rewarded then?
Graham Psalmist Jehoma 2014/08/14 05:27:09 AM
Another good story to tell......this is amazing...break laws and you get rewarded
Dirk Engelbrecht 2014/08/14 05:28:37 AM
Typical African mentality... We want we want we want, but we DO NOT want to work or pay for anything... And if we do not get what we want we will protest, burn, break and even kill till we get what we want...
Archie Dempster 2014/08/14 05:29:10 AM
Who's paying
Andre Fouche 2014/08/14 05:32:44 AM
So, let me get this straight... honest hard working citizens must pay for their legal electricity, otherwise their power supply will be cut by the municipality.... BUT, the municipality agreed to reconnect the illegal points after hundreds of residents protested??? WTF? The connections were ILLEGAL! Now the honest hardworking citizens must pay for their ILLEGAL connections as well??? This country is becomming a joke!
Coda 2014/08/14 05:35:28 AM
Absolutely unbelievable - giving in to these criminals who don't want to pay for electricity - who is going to pay for this NOT US. THE GOVT. is giving in to them so they must pay, the whole country must stand against things like this happening or it will never end....
Grant Guthrie 2014/08/14 05:40:40 AM
OK so now I can jump wires across my meter box as well