NCID: SA won't treat foreigners with Ebola

Johannesburg - South Africa will not treat foreigners who contract the deadly Ebola virus, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) said on Friday.

"If there is a confirmed diagnosis of a foreign national, they will not be allowed into the country [to get treatment]," NICD head of public health, surveillance, and response Lucille Blumberg told reporters in Johannesburg.

"If it is undiagnosed and the person does not know, they will be treated."

The Associated Press reported that over 700 people had died in West Africa from Ebola, with the worst-recorded outbreak in history centred in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia.

Blumberg said although the government had taken a stand on the treatment of foreigners, those infected would not generally have the means to come to South Africa and seek treatment.

There were no cases of Ebola in the country and the chances of such a pandemic breaking out in the country were minimal, she said.

"We have no Ebola in the country. The chances of the outbreak [in SA] are very small," she said.

Blumberg said it was important for people to know about the virus and for those infected to disclose their status to doctors. She said the virus was not easily transmitted and said those travelling to affected areas would not contract the virus.

"You need direct contact with an individual infected. You cannot get it from the air," she said.

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Natasha Munaretto 2014/08/01 01:47:38 PM
Jacques Art Nel 2014/08/01 02:04:18 PM
This untouchable mentality is cause for concerne in its own
Joseph Mowers Joa 2014/08/01 02:05:25 PM
Die ncid moet hulle storie agter mekaar kry die siek klink meer vir my nes T.B maar net die ding is die ncid het nog niks gekry om dit te bestry nie dit is soos n kiem in die lig????????????
Christina Setloboko 2014/08/01 02:14:34 PM
We THE PEOPLE OF S.A would like to know what mergers have been taken to protect us from this disease, especially against our open borders what is happening there? stop telling us the chances are very low what is been done to keep us safe?
madumetja2 2014/08/01 02:20:41 PM
Dean Van Den Heever 2014/08/01 02:21:23 PM
Health workers just arrived at Hosea Kutako where an Air Namibia flight is quarantined because of a rumored Ebola scare. This flight took off from JHB international this morning.
Grant Montgomery854 2014/08/01 02:21:47 PM
People who know they have the disease are not going to reveal the fact knowing that they will only get treated if they feign ignorance.
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/01 02:24:20 PM
That's nice. So we will just let them wonder around the countryside in agony. What is the whole point of preparing Tygerberg for? Why risk your own nation.
Scott G. Lockhart 2014/08/01 02:25:24 PM
the next step will be to stop discrimination or xenophobia. wat i want to know actually is wat kinda regime is being utilise to prevent contact wiyh this disease. i wonder wat will be the outcome if i dnt seat next to that diagnosed person in the taxi as stated that it can be transmitted through close contact.
Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg 2014/08/01 02:33:33 PM
You won't allow them into the country?. How about all those that walk across the borders everyday?. How are you going to send a sick person away without treatment?.