NPA head possible suspension raise questions

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma's notice to NPA head Mxolisi Nxasana that he is considering suspending him raises questions because the terms of reference into the enquiry of his appointment has not been made public, the DA said on Saturday.

"The DA therefore calls on President Zuma to urgently clarify the full terms of reference of the enquiry and to stop dragging his feet", Democratic Alliance Parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane said in a statement.

"We must not allow for the NPA [National Prosecuting Authority] to be undermined any further by the president’s delays, nor can we stand by while the NDPP [national director of public prosecutions] is removed, unless there is shown to be good reason to do so."

Zuma announced his decision to institute the inquiry on 5 July after reports emerged that Nxasana had apparently not been given a security clearance because of past brushes with the law.

These included being tried for murder about 30 years ago. He was acquitted on the charge based on his version of self-defence.

On Friday, Zuma has notified Nxasana that he is considering suspending him, the presidency said.

"The president is considering suspending him with full pay, pending [an] inquiry", presidency spokesperson Mac Maharaj said in a statement at the time.

"Details of the inquiry into his fitness to hold office are being finalised and they will be communicated to him in due course."

Maharaj said Nxasana, the national director of public prosecutions (NDPP), would be given an opportunity to make written representation.

Glenn Owen Watkins 2014/08/02 02:33:46 PM
They knew about his capabilities and brushes with the law ages ago, Zuma wants to move him as a result of the spy tapes issue.....delay tactics by numb wan, Don't let him get away with it DA catch him now and put this issue to bed already.
Godfrey Welman 2014/08/02 02:42:49 PM
Does this mean the President did NOT apply his mind when he appointed him.
sxp 2014/08/02 02:44:56 PM
If Zoomer is involved, expect some sort of evil.
Robert Keene 2014/08/02 02:48:17 PM
Another ANC cadre barely weeks in a critical position to defend society to be sent on unlimited special leave while he still get paid a criminal f!cking fortune to the detriment and injury to the citizens and tax payers amongst us - oh the irony!!
Stephanes Heunis 2014/08/02 02:55:11 PM
Die pot verwyd die deksel. it's a case off hire and fire. iff the npa guy was acquit and suma was not aquit, who deserves his job more
proudlysa 2014/08/02 02:57:29 PM
Does Zuma and the ANC have SNY idea how much damage that are doing to our beautiful country?? All in the name of politics, keeping a corrupt president out of jail. To the honest ANC members, please stand up for what is right before it is toolate
Frank Jordaan 2014/08/02 02:57:29 PM
Another flawed appointment,another suspension,another inquiry and another couple of millions down the drain!!! Where the hell is the accountability?????
Mthamiz Sjongo 2014/08/02 03:03:48 PM
My government,ANC rocks,let them scream and shout for whatever they care,just do your thing.
Andrew M 2014/08/02 03:10:41 PM
We all know Jacob Zuma is a man who cannot and does not think with his brain in gear, this is once again evidenced here. He continually blames others or states he is un aware or passes the buck and he is the President as voted for by 62% of the electorate. Is it any wonder the country has gone backwards over the past 5 years?
Henno 2014/08/02 03:10:45 PM
lol, so when it surfaced that how many month ago Zuma wasn't bothered, now he is because of all the spy tapes and Nkandla etc ... nice Zuma ... nice. Can't believe we have to suffer the Zumas