New land claimants opt for money

Cape Town - Just under 5 500 new land claims have been lodged around the country, but most of the claimants want money, not land, the rural development and land reform department said on Wednesday.

"[A total of] 5 495 claims have been received at lodgement sites across the country. The majority of these have been lodged in the Western Cape [1 363 claims] followed by Gauteng [956 claims]," it said in a statement.

The new five-year period for lodging land claims - which opened at the beginning of the month - ends in June 2019.

"We have noted that the majority of those who have lodged claims since the re-opening of the lodgement of land claims have opted for financial compensation," chief land claims commissioner Nomfundo Gobodo said in the statement.

He urged claimants to opt for land restoration rather than money, which would help address unequal land ownership patterns in South Africa.


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Douglas Ross 2014/07/30 08:24:16 PM
Because owning land is too hard to maintain.
CommonSense 2014/07/30 08:25:33 PM
Now there's a shock!
Celestene Bosch 2014/07/30 08:29:58 PM
Financial compensation? Who will finance this compensation? Taxpayers? What happens to the land if claimed but financially compensated?
Kobus Hattingh 2014/07/30 08:38:53 PM
Off course they would prefer the money. Getting the land means you have to WORK the land and we cannot have that!!!
Fanie Gerber 2014/07/30 08:41:37 PM
I could have told them this ages ago
Bingo 2014/07/30 08:41:59 PM
People need to realise that wealth takes generations to acquire. Our countries terrible past has delayed this even further. Europeans arriving on our fair shores had been acquiring wealth for many generations before they got here. With the 'westernization, locals only then started entering into the system, they were further hampered by apartheid and less so by culture. Even today young working families are supporting so many defendants that they struggle to rise out of the poverty trap. The quicker people have 1 home, stop producing workers quicker than any country can create jobs, people stop wasting life savings on funerals etc, the quicker we everyone can start acquiring wealth. Give the cash instead of land and perhaps this will go a long way to speeding up the process. Hopefully some will start little businesses and eventually they can help by employing others. How can thus be a bad thing?
Lydia Benkenstein 2014/07/30 08:54:33 PM
Jast gieeve me da moneee!
Antonio Tonin 2014/07/30 09:01:16 PM
So where is this burning hunger for land that one hears so much about? Are we not facing the reality of the majority of emerging economies - more and more people CHOOSE to leave the land and commence an urban existence?
Lyell Van Der Walt 2014/07/30 09:08:07 PM
OK everyone - just like we practised - act surprised!
Leon Vry 2014/07/30 09:09:29 PM
It has always been about the money...not the land!!!