Nkandla: Zuma confident in Parliament

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma said he was confident that Parliament would effectively deal with the report on security upgrades to his Nkandla home, SABC reported on Friday.

"Now matters are in the hands of Parliament," he told the national broadcaster on the sidelines of the international conference on the Great Lakes region in Angola.

"I'm sure Parliament, as the last level of dealing with these matters, will have the time really to look into this matter and conclude it so that we close the chapter about this report."

Zuma had undertaken to give National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete a comprehensive report on the outcome of three separate investigations into state spending of some R246m on his Nkandla home in KwaZulu-Natal.

He submitted his response to the report to her on Thursday.

In the response, Zuma requested ministers in the security cluster and the public works minister, Thulas Nxesi, to report to Parliament on their "clearly defined roles and responsibilities" when dealing with the president, the deputy president and their predecessors' security when implementing Cabinet policy.

He said Nxesi should urgently report to Cabinet on the review of protocols and procedures regarding procurement, expenditure and oversight applicable.

Lastly, Zuma said Cabinet should review the 2003 policy on the security of the president, deputy president and their predecessors with a view to setting parameters for implementation.

Earlier this year, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela found that Zuma and his family had unduly benefited from the upgrades and recommended that he pay back some of the money.

Zuma declined to respond to Madonsela's report in full within the required fortnight and said instead he would wait for the Special Investigating Unit findings.

RabbleRouser 2014/08/15 07:49:31 AM
Just a heap of smoke and mirrors coupled with red herrings. What a farce.
Sly Rams 2014/08/15 07:49:58 AM
This stupid president.
Anton Pretorius 2014/08/15 07:56:33 AM
How easy it is to shift blame to his architect. His architect's legal fees will be funded by the ANC or other quasi institution and after 5 years of litigation, all would be forgotten. His architect can simply sequestrate himself to avoid liability and the bill will of course be for the account of the taxpayers. My only question is - why is his architect only now implicated ? Surely they have decided, after lenghty meetings with him, to make him the scapegoat (after he has pocketed R 15 000 000 for the project) and promises of more work after the dust has settled. How predictable from the ANC
Akhenaten 2014/08/15 07:57:26 AM
Those in parliament cannot afford to go against you. That does not make you innocent.
Jaco de Clerck 2014/08/15 07:59:06 AM
How much did he pay to change the outcome, corrupt thieving bastard
Sly Rams 2014/08/15 08:00:02 AM
Zuma is just more confident of his "Yes Sir" Ministers, that will do anything to please him, in return of getting jobs that they don't even deserve.
Bruce Gatland 2014/08/15 08:00:07 AM
Zuma is the King of Duck and Dive. "matter is in the hands of parliament" means his ANC lackies in parliament will now do as they are told and ignore the matter.
Michael Kelynack 2014/08/15 08:00:22 AM
Whats this? A group of corrupt people looking after their corrupt leader? In south africa? Who would have thought
Sonnyboy Mathebula 2014/08/15 08:02:05 AM
just step down Zuma
Shadrack Bo Xadi Mashele 2014/08/15 08:03:34 AM
Zuma thinks he owns South Africa....I hate this bastard with all my heart....! I'll rather vote for Malema than this crook