Nkandla architect gets royal contract

Durban - President Jacob Zuma's architect has also landed the deal to design Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini's eighth palace, the Sunday Tribune newspaper reported.

Minenhle Makhanya's fees for the KwaNobamba palace near Ulundi are not known.

The chairperson of the Royal Household Trust, Jerome Ngwenya, was quoted as saying that the project would be financed by private investors working with the King's son Prince Butho, who has petroleum interests in Equatorial Guinea.

"It's private Zulu royal family funds paying for this. The government will have no involvement in funding the proposed palace," Ngwenya was quoted as saying.

Building still needs the approval of the department of environmental affairs as well as Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife because the planned palace is located in the eMakhosini Ophathe Heritage Park.

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela revealed in her report on Zuma's home in Nkandla that Makhanya made R16.5m out of the R246m Nkandla project.

He did not have to compete in any tender for the project.

King Zwelithini made headlines in May when it was revealed that the KwaZulu-Natal department of arts and culture had set aside R300m for his Enyokeni Palace in Nongoma where accommodation facilities will be built for the thousands of maidens who attend the annual reed dance.

King Zwelithini receives R63m a year from the provincial treasury.

Jacques Potgieter 2014/08/10 11:50:46 AM
63 bar a year in tax money goes to this guy and his family, which is larger than some small towns, for absolutely no reason. Only one I can think of is motivating his Zulu people to vote for Zuma. Daylight robbery
Phil Galpin 2014/08/10 11:50:56 AM
That should keep him quiet! And take the fall when they start looking for scapegoats for Nkandla. Bet this never went out to a public tender.
Bob Small 2014/08/10 11:54:18 AM
Nkandla is a frigging ugly homestead from the outside!
Andrew Terr 2014/08/10 11:56:10 AM
Pigs do not look up when they feed.
Da Maffuccin Boss 2014/08/10 12:03:53 PM
everything that I read about this so called Kingdom just puss me off.
Jurgen Hartmann 2014/08/10 12:08:38 PM
In SA crime does pay..... so why should we pay any taxes at all??
Viman Singh 2014/08/10 12:15:43 PM
This architect is absolutely useless. Nkandla looks absolutely disgusting. I cannot believe it cost so much to build. in fact this archtect should be locked up for disgraccing all other architects.
Charles Komane 2014/08/10 12:16:11 PM
63million for what? Ne!ne!ne! Iets is verkeerd.
Thobi Milano Pheto 2014/08/10 12:20:26 PM
I work so hard for my Salary which gets taxed and some just get my tax so easy is it fair? He's not my king I dont know him I dont even care.
freeman.segapu 2014/08/10 12:26:20 PM
Criminals bombing ATMs robbing banks stealing other valuables with fear of being caught or disturbed I think is their time now to go on demonstration to protest for being interrupted and disturbed by police just because they don't have connections or they are operating privately and declare RSA crime land!!