Nkandla committee starts work

Johannesburg - The ad hoc committee that will deliberate on President Jacob Zuma's response to investigations into public spending at his Nkandla home will meet on Friday.

In April, Zuma declined to respond in full to Madonsela’s report within the requisite fortnight.

Madonsela found he had violated the Executive Ethics Code by failing to act in a manner that protected state resources, and that this was inconsistent with his position.

In her report released in March and titled "Secure in Comfort", Madonsela held that Zuma had unduly benefited from improvements worth R246m at Nkandla.

She ordered that he repay the state for the work that did not relate to security. At the time, she also gave the president two weeks to respond.

Zuma delayed his response to 14 August, and in it made clear that he was not commenting on Madonsela's report or accepting its findings.

Instead, he referred the decision on repayment to Police Minister Nathi Nhleko.

David Jones 2014/08/29 06:27:07 AM
Cyril Mr gift-of-the-gap's charm offensive must also start to work.
John Stoltz 2014/08/29 06:29:11 AM
Correction to the head line; "JZ's ad hoc appointed committee will start it's work, with a predetermined outcome in favour of you know who"!!!!!!!!!
Oppie Koppie 2014/08/29 06:32:24 AM
Any bets on the outcome?
Mowale Mike 2014/08/29 06:35:09 AM
The committee should be given quality space and time to do its job. No interference- not even from Thuli herself.
Glenn Owen Watkins 2014/08/29 06:44:19 AM
I am not sure i understand this properly, the permissable allocated allowance for SECURITY upgrades was R28 mil. The project stopped when he got caught at R246 mil. 1) Why has he not been removed from office as a total of R218 mil rand was unduely spent on his private residence. 2) He is not biding by the South African constitution 3) He is just plain useless and a rapist thief. 4) The longer he occupies that chair the more the Zuma dynasty grows and the more the countries economy shrinks.
David Mabu 2014/08/29 06:45:17 AM
Nkandla committed starts covering and shifting goal posts work
Truth.speak 2014/08/29 06:52:26 AM
Another white wash waste of time and money, just like the Seriti commission
Pienaar Jordaan 2014/08/29 07:03:28 AM
Nothing white here, please.
mica gogome 2014/08/29 07:04:53 AM
I have never seen such a short sited like our President.This issue of Nkandla was raised way back when it was still about 56mil.And now it has escalated to 256mil with our President covering up and doing duck and dive,playing delay tactics.This is not about Public protector,it is at the findings and the consequences and accountability.We want the money!!!!pay back the money!!!!!
Kevin 2014/08/29 07:07:24 AM