Nkandla report being finalised - SIU

Johannesburg - The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) is confident it will present its final report on security upgrades to President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla home early next week.

"It has now received responses from all persons from whom it had requested answers to certain questions it had posed to them," SIU spokesperson Boy Ndala said in a statement on Monday.

"As a result it is finalising its report."

The report would be presented to Zuma.

Public spending on security upgrades at Zuma's private Nkandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal have turned into one of the major controversies of the Zuma presidency, as costs escalated to R246m and it emerged that the project included a pool (dubbed a firepool by government), an amphitheatre, and a chicken run.

In March, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela found Zuma and his family had unduly benefited from the upgrades and should pay for some of it out of his own pocket.

Zuma declined to respond to Madonsela's report in full within the required fortnight and said instead he would wait for the SIU's findings.

On 5 July, the ANC chief whip's office said Zuma had received the provisional SIU report and would provide National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete with a final and comprehensive response within 30 days.

The president missed the 30-day deadline. At the time the presidency said the president needed more information before responding to findings about his home.

Ndala said the SIU had also lodging a civil claim against one of the service providers involved in security upgrades.

Papers had been lodged in the KwaZulu-Natal High Court in Pietermaritzburg on Monday.

Kevin Koekemoer 2014/08/11 04:43:11 PM
What a joke. Banana republic
Rali Sydney 2014/08/11 04:45:56 PM
is it going to be made public or is it one of those reports that gets to be swept under the carpet? we deserve to know.
Andries Hendrik Pretorius 2014/08/11 04:46:01 PM
"Ndala said the SIU had also lodging a civil claim..." Sounds like showerhead wrote both the SIU report and the media statement!
Finya Ngendololwane 2014/08/11 04:46:51 PM
The culprit who skyrocketed the price tag of his house must face the music
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/11 04:47:03 PM
Nutha lies. And more nutha lies. I sincerely hope that there will be incriminated evidence against Zumpies and for this country's sake let him serve the time for his crime. This is genuine bizarre outback behaviour. If we can squash the deceit etc of the ANC we will be on the right road to recovery.
John Stoltz 2014/08/11 04:47:29 PM
This one must have had old Mac at his wits end! Cant wait to hear the diatribe that will emerge from that report. Must admit some of the terms the ANC used for the "Firepool" etc is quite inventive for these useless deployed cadres!!
BLUESILVER2012 2014/08/11 04:49:33 PM
Just have to check it with the 'Baas Zuma' if he's ok with it and that all fraud and corruption is accounted for. Baas Zuma will come out the victim all we forget his 'Secueity Cluster' and ANC ttrying everything to stall and stop it then ask why is it being delayed once they had a chance to 'correct' those in the wrong. ..Zuma ignoring thr public protector and Parliaments deadline as set by law for answers...MONTHS later after delay after delay...now it's time...you paid the right people off Mr Zuma, can we the taxpayers now hear how you were thr 'victim' of a '3rd force'?
Akhenaten 2014/08/11 04:51:15 PM
On my calendar there is no 'in due time'.
Sitch Nkululeko N 2014/08/11 04:51:35 PM
Oh is that so!!!, I won't be holding my breath though..the way you are so incompetent chances are another task team will be structured to check if your lies and deceits are in line with the ANC lies policies!! #That's just my thought
Nick Garas 2014/08/11 04:52:29 PM
This has become such a movie series that we have now got series fatigue which I expect that was the whole object of the exercise! don't give a rats anymore-just keep stealing!