No cases of Ebola reported in SA - Motsoaledi

Cape Town – Minister of Health Dr Aaron Motsoaledi said South Africans should not panic as no cases of Ebola have been reported in the country.

Motsoaledi, who was speaking at a meeting on Tuesday, told Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Health that SA, together with the Southern African Development Community, has no cases of Ebola and that the country is ready to deal with the disease.

He said: “The disease was widely spread in the three West African countries; Guinea, with 362 laboratory confirmed cases and 231 deaths; Liberia, with 158 confirmed cases and 132 deaths; and Sierra Leone, with 656 confirmed cases and 259 deaths.”

Motsoaledi added that there were sporadic Ebola cases in Nigeria, with two deaths and 13 people suspected to be infected.

The department of health has identified 11 hospitals that will be able to treat Ebola.

The hospitals are: Polokwane Hospital in Limpopo, Rob Ferreira Hospital in Mpumalanga, Charlotte Maxeke and Steve Biko Hospitals in Gauteng, Addington Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, Kleksdorp Hospital in North West, Pelonomi Hospital in Free State, Kimberly Hospital in Northern Cape, Frere and Livingstone Hospitals in Eastern Cape, and Tygerberg Hospital in Western Cape.

Christina Setloboko 2014/08/13 04:51:09 PM
Its only the matter of time mr minista. all we have to do now is hope and pray.
Henno 2014/08/13 04:55:21 PM
Yes ... and God forbid someone picks it up and brings it back home, because sadly, the South African Guavament is far from ready to tackle such and outbreak ... they might claim they are ready, like they claimed that our police are some of the best in the world when it comes to crowd control. Marikana taught us otherwise
Joel Mabeke 2014/08/13 05:05:12 PM
Aaahh! This is mzansi ,when they talk like this you must know something is cooking.
Mr T. 2014/08/13 05:10:13 PM
Well done doctor. These are the good things done by ANC lead government that are missing from our media industry. All you hear is negative story.
Tomorrowss Dreamss 2014/08/13 05:44:05 PM
aaron Motsoaledi, are you going to close the borders to keep ebola out, are you enviting the ebola victims to come and spend their last days at nkandla kraal?
BlackWoman 2014/08/13 05:47:45 PM
Is it me or am I going crazy because everytime I enter tygerberg hospital I just lose hope of ever getting out alive and when I'm out I always thank God....
Jan Grimbeek 2014/08/13 05:56:14 PM
And I guesss that mbeki did not meet a person with hiv/aids as yet.
simon.selahla 2014/08/13 05:58:07 PM
Don't be too comfortable Mr Minister as long as we are still infested by Nigerians we will have one soon!!
Karin Devereux Rackley 2014/08/13 06:31:13 PM
What about the soccer team playing in Cape Town, this weekend.....or other sports events....remember there is a 2 week window period where you appear well.....
Karin Devereux Rackley 2014/08/13 06:31:56 PM
Sorry....Nigeria playing soccer...