No comment on Jordan claims

Johannesburg - Comment was not immediately available on a Sunday Times report that senior member of the ANC and MP Pallo Jordan did not have the academic qualifications he claimed to have.

According to the publication, no evidence could be found that Jordan, who goes by the title 'Dr' has ever had an honorary doctorate bestowed on him.

Jordan has no degrees or diplomas from the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the London School of Economics (LSE), the two institutions cited on his CV.

He has no formal tertiary academic qualifications whatsoever, the publication reported.

The office of the registrar at LSE told the publication: "We can find no record of Zwelidinga Pallo Jordan having been awarded a PHD from the school."

The newspaper said it had tried to get Jordan to confirm his qualifications but to no avail.

The office of the student services registrar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison confirmed that Jordan did study there, but he obtained only 97 credits between 16 September 1963 and 24 February 1964 and never completed his degree, according to the newspaper.

The Sunday Times published a long exchange of text messages between Jordan and its journalist.

At one instance, Jordan promises to have the relevant documentation ready but it does not materialise.

Jordan later suggests the journalist could be his official biographer in exchange for not publishing the story.

At the end of the text messages, Jordan tell the journalist he would sue Times Media (owners of the Sunday Times).

"Tell me, does Tokyo [Sexwale] still own Times Media? I will not take an old friend to court, but I'll take you to the cleaners, the dry cleaners plus the laundry!! So do what you wanna!!."

Secretary of Parliament Baby Tyawa referred queries to the African National Congress.

"Parliament is not involved in that, he is a member of the ANC in Parliament. Parliament does not make requirements for a member to have a degree or PhD," Tyawa said.

Comment from ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa could not be obtained immediately.

The Government Communication and Information Services said it could not comment.

Jordan is a former minister of arts and culture, minister of environmental affairs, and minister of posts, telecommunications and broadcasting.

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Nkanyiso Mdlalose 2014/08/03 03:43:58 PM
Enig Ma 2014/08/03 03:44:27 PM
Be fair, if he had an opportunity at this new 30% system, he would have had his post post post doc already. When his voice finally break one day, and he does not sound like a 13 year old boy anymore, he can comment.
Owen Sello Tauatsoala 2014/08/03 03:46:34 PM
U go ANC at least know JUJU has failed artwork, honest fighter
Brolloks En Bittergal 2014/08/03 03:48:51 PM
Maybe he is herbalist doctor...
Michael Tetley 2014/08/03 03:50:25 PM
Parliament does however require honesty on the part of members, at least it's supposed to, Baby! Not holding my breath though.
Grant Durban 2014/08/03 03:51:28 PM
Parliament might not require a degree but does it not require it's members to not commit fraud or purgary?
Andries Kopo King Shai 2014/08/03 03:51:38 PM
Dr of lies fabrication
Djembe Ndebele 2014/08/03 03:56:56 PM
Does it really matter? The man performed his duties accordingly and he is highly respected by his friends and enemies who are accademicaly correct. Pallo is a veteran who sacrificed 2/3 of his life fighting apartheid, With or without PhD he is a hero to most South Africans.
Lukas Ekisjouvaader 2014/08/03 03:57:35 PM
Should have asked me - it was obvious this "doctor" is is thick as a plank every time he opened his mouth.
Andrew MacDonald 2014/08/03 03:58:44 PM
Hahaha do what you wanna! Wow. He sounds so intellectual. Or not.