No comment yet from Jordan, ANC over latest 'Dr' claims

Johannesburg - The ANC and its former MP Pallo Jordan could not be reached on Sunday to comment about a report in the Sunday Times that Jordan resigned two days before the newspaper's exposé on him.

The publication reported that it had seen Jordan's resignation letter, dated 1 August, addressed to ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe.

It claimed Jordan backdated his resignation as an MP to 29 July - the day on which the newspaper told him that it would publish the report on 3 August.

In his letter, Jordan said he was going through a "stressful time" and that he committed "two or three" errors relating to his qualifications.

Jordan apparently said he always knew it would "blow up in my face" one day.

In the letter, he said he believed the perpetuation of the lie that he held a PhD would be of help to the liberation struggle. He said he had never derived any personal financial benefit from claiming to have a doctorate.

Last Monday, Mantashe said Jordan offered to resign from the ANC's national executive committee and Parliament.

His resignation from Parliament was accepted, but that to the NEC and ANC was referred to the "structures of the organisation", said Mantashe.

The Sunday Times exposé published that two universities Jordan claimed to have attended had denied conferring a degree or doctorate on him, and that he had falsely gone by the title "Dr".

Antonio Tonin 2014/08/17 05:29:53 PM
Pallo might be opening a hornet's nest here. If all those with pseudo-qualifications had to resign from the ANC structures, there might just be a leeedle problem
Lerato Rato 2014/08/17 05:43:31 PM
The day he will comment he will be having a Phd .Their busy cooking one at university of Nkadla.
Nhlahla David 2014/08/17 05:52:34 PM
Eish my battery is about to die so that I can't able to make a comment on this however, God may bless you fool ( Jordan )
September Mphikeleli 2014/08/17 06:11:44 PM
News24 which agenda are you pushing this story come for second time today is old news please
sxp 2014/08/17 06:47:32 PM
He belongs in jail, not to have any words.
Lucky Leseane 2014/08/17 07:44:30 PM
Ag!!! This is a dead story!!!
Robert Magaya Cele 2014/08/17 09:09:51 PM
Pallo has play his part. Instead of pointing our dirty fingers on him. Let us do far better than him with proper PHD, for the country and our future generation. Thanks.
Frikkie Myburgh 2014/08/17 09:44:38 PM
Where are the integrity of our so-called leaders? He is not sorry of what he did. He is sorry that he is caught!
Leon Martin Nel 2014/08/18 09:08:03 AM
Well, he himself raised an interesting point. He should pay back any monies made in the position as MP. Let it be a lesson for others who are in the same position or is thinking of making the same mistake. He can't get away with it.