No proof Pistorius fired gun in restaurant

Johannesburg - The manager of a Johannesburg restaurant where Oscar Pistorius apparently accidentally discharged a friend's firearm says he did not open a case following the incident.

Eyewitness News quoted Jason Loupis, the manager of the Melrose Arch restaurant, as saying he couldn't confirm whether the incident had occurred.

Beeld reported on Monday that Pistorius was at Tashas restaurant with a group of friends in early January and wanted to look at a friend's gun.

"I must emphasise that the gun belonged to one of Pistorius's friends - I'm not going to mention his name. Oscar just wanted to look at the gun, and it sort of snagged on his pants, releasing the safety catch," boxer Kevin Lerena told Beeld.

"A shot went off. I wouldn't call him negligent, it was just an accident. He apologised to me for days afterwards."

The bullet nearly hit Lerena's foot.

According to Beeld, the restaurant did not report the incident to the police, as Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp, who he is accused of killing, were regular customers.

Loupis said he heard a bang and thought a gun had gone off or a gas bottle had exploded.

"I went to investigate when I heard the shot, but they all denied it," said Loupis.

As a result, no case was opened.

John Eritas 2013/02/18 01:03:47 PM
What, no bullet hole in the floor?
Bon Bon 2013/02/18 01:05:07 PM
Those who play with fire will eventually get burned !
Tanya Booysen 2013/02/18 01:09:50 PM
Who looked for proof?
Missionman 2013/02/18 01:11:04 PM
THIS LITTLE MAN seems to be more trouble than he is worth. How many other stupid things has he done?
Martin Jansen 2013/02/18 01:17:01 PM
Strange the gun did not went off 4 times?
Andrew N 2013/02/18 01:25:38 PM
Shouldn't this headline be in inverted comma's? Or is News24 putting its reputation behind this quote?
Cosmos O'Ndebele 2013/02/18 01:28:07 PM
A friend like this honest about this story . This gunman loved the weapons
Melt Olckers 2013/02/18 01:33:37 PM
If it was a normal civilian he would have phoned the Police. But these celebrities are high paying customers and would be seen as just ecentric. There are different rules in society for them.
Louise Barnard 2013/02/18 01:35:02 PM
Point Blank I so agree with you!!! This is getting ridiculous!! next we will be reading about the little girl or boy he bit in creche!!!!!!
Elizabeth Bothma 2013/02/18 01:38:00 PM
Really, I'm glad you're not my friend. Just ad fuel to an already burning fire caused by people like you and newspapers.