North West honours Marikana victims

Johannesburg - The North West provincial government on Saturday said it honoured the spirits of the 44 people who were killed during strike-related unrest in Marikana near Rustenburg two years ago.

"[We] wish all bereaved families comfort as they are once more reminded of this fateful day," Premier Supra Mahumapelo said in a statement.

"We pay our respects to the women of Marikana and all areas who continue to carry the burden of raising and supporting their households without the support of their departed partners."

Saturday marked two years since the police opened fire on striking mineworkers, killing 34 of them.

Ten other people, including two police officers and two security guards were killed in strike-related violence in the preceding week.

Mahumapelo said the day should be used to extend a genuine hand of friendship and commitment to reconciliation.

Meanwhile, a commemoration rally was held in honour of the miners in Wonderkop near Rustenburg.

Opposition parties attended the rally but it could not be confirmed whether any government officials would be attending the event.

Tiaan de Witt 2014/08/16 08:46:45 PM
These people killed police men and other ppl and when action was taken against them the cops are now the bad guys? They should shoot more of these striking hooliguns sa will be better place
Paige Turner 2014/08/16 09:32:47 PM
And no mention of the workers who were killed by their colleagues after this incident. Many more than the initial 10 (including policemen and security personnel killed in a barbaric way) were slaughtered by trade unionists.
Ronny Peter 2014/08/17 02:15:26 AM
The EFF is campaigning over Marikana they won't if they intend to make it that way.
Ronny Peter 2014/08/17 02:15:59 AM
The EFF is campaigning over Marikana they won't if they intend to make it that way.
Ronny Peter 2014/08/17 12:50:20 PM
So i'll like to ask our beloved North West Province Premier Supra Mahumapelo that what is his response as a Premier of North West a bout EFF when they say they are going to build houses & schools in Marikana for the deceased families?????
Johannes Magane 2014/08/17 03:21:08 PM
Let the Game began