Oscar Pistorius’s 'living hell'

Pretoria – When the uncle of Paralympian athlete Oscar Pistorius was asked how his nephew was doing, he said: “It is a living hell”.

Arnold Pistorius spoke to Rapport following his nephew’s release on R1m bail on Friday.

The athlete has been charged with murder following the death of his girlfriend model Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day at his home in Silver Woods estate.

Thousands of messages of support have apparently been sent to Pistorius in which people told of their belief in his version of events and that the truth would prevail about what happened on the fateful night when Steenkamp was shot four times.

After Pistorius was granted bail, reporters chased after him in the family car, at speeds of 210km/h in scenes reminiscent of the chase that led to Princess Diana’s fatal car crash in Paris in 1997.

“Not since cameras in a helicopter followed OJ Simpson when police chased him in his white Ford Bronco, was a developing case against a murder suspect followed so closely, moment for moment,” said Tim Butcher in The Telegraph.

Pistorius’s life has undergone a dramatic change since he was arrested for murder.

He has lost sponsorships to the tune of millions of rands and his legal fees of the past week will run to about R700 000, a legal expert estimated.

Journalists have set up camp outside the house of Pistorius’s uncle and were given grapes and energy drinks.  

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Adeeb Saban 2013/02/24 09:19:48 AM
And may it continue to be a living hell... RIP Reeva
Jeffery Stokes 2013/02/24 09:19:51 AM
And what about the steenkamps living hell?!?! Why are Nasper trying to push these Pistorious family stories?? Vuma doing their job well i see.
Johan Jacobs 2013/02/24 09:21:41 AM
He can only blame himself, which makes it more hell.
Nico Eksteen 2013/02/24 09:23:37 AM
LOL, so the media is going to camp on their doorstep now for the next...well till the trial has finished. Rediculous. We'll now have daily reports on what each member of the family is wearing, when they leave the home and when they come back again, etc.
Alex Gotte 2013/02/24 09:24:59 AM
Seriously you guys are running out of things to report on ..."were given grapes and energy drinks."
André Potgieter 2013/02/24 09:25:28 AM
210kph ????? So this family is really above the Law !
Helio Alvaro De Abreu 2013/02/24 09:26:07 AM
Lawyers took R700,000 in fees! No risk to the lawyers at all. Isn't that just plain theft form greedy lawyers?
Gail Timothy Pearson 2013/02/24 09:27:31 AM
And what about the Steenkamp family? They have lost their only daughter. RIP REEVA. He's life will be a living hell.
chedzoylocal 2013/02/24 09:27:37 AM
Just read the following on the BBC website: 'The brother of South African athlete Oscar Pistorius - accused of murdering his girlfriend - is also facing trial over the death of a woman. Carl Pistorius was charged with culpable homicide over the death of a woman motorcyclist in a traffic accident in 2010, his lawyer said.' Amazing that this is first mentioned on a UK site!
Jon Low 2013/02/24 09:27:42 AM
Oh bull! Chasing him at 210km/h when he is in a Land Rover? Puh-leeze!