Parcel with 'suspicious-looking powder' delivered at police station

Johannesburg - KwaZulu-Natal police are investigating a parcel containing a "suspicious-looking powder substance" that was delivered to the Umbilo police station on Wednesday.

"We can confirm that Umbilo police received a parcel containing powder-like substance today," Captain Thulani Zwane said.

"It has been taken for forensic tests to check what substance it is."

He said the police station was cordoned off after the parcel was delivered.

Investigations continue.

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Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/13 09:55:44 PM
LĂ©Fifi Mashigo 2014/08/13 09:56:38 PM
Hahahah sounds funny
Tremayne Chetty 2014/08/13 10:05:37 PM
The poo protesters are getting crafty lol
Neo Molete 2014/08/13 10:28:23 PM
Eishhhh,mybe its cocaine,wish de parcel was delivered @ my plce..
Lukas Ekisjouvaader 2014/08/13 10:40:42 PM
You should have kept some, the forensic dudes are snorting lines and by tomorrow all the evidence will be gone.
Tina Butler 2014/08/13 10:45:14 PM
Lag N Dag 2014/08/13 10:46:43 PM
For a nation to live, you must be able to laugh. Thanks for your funny comments.
Frank de Sousa 2014/08/13 11:06:52 PM
Calm down everybody. It was drink o pop hehe
????? ????? 2014/08/13 11:16:12 PM
let me deliver a parcel of money, no one will know.
????? ????? 2014/08/13 11:16:20 PM
let me deliver a parcel of money, no one will know.