Parly: Tlakula must send letter to Assembly

Johannesburg - Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) chairperson Pansy Tlakula should send her letter of resignation to the National Assembly, the home affairs portfolio committee said on Wednesday.

Committee chairperson Buang Mashile said the committee had heard of Tlakula's resignation through the media, and was not officially informed.

"The portfolio committee... has noted media reports suggesting that the chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission... has resigned.

"The committee was in a process of considering the matter as recommended by the Electoral Court. In light of this, the committee hopes the letter of resignation will be sent to the Speaker of the National Assembly who will then direct the committee on the way forward."

Tlakula announced her resignation on Tuesday and said she had submitted her letter of resignation to President Jacob Zuma.

She was taken to court before the 7 May elections by several political parties who claimed her integrity had been compromised.

This followed an investigation by Public Protector Thuli Madonsela over the procurement of the IEC's Riverside Office Park building in Centurion, Pretoria.

R320m lease contract

Madonsela found that Tlakula had a relationship, possibly of a romantic nature, with then chairman of Parliament's finance portfolio committee Thaba Mufamadi.

Mufamadi was a shareholder in Abland, which was awarded the R320m contract to lease the building.

A subsequent report by the National Treasury found the process was neither fair, transparent, nor cost-effective. It found Tlakula did not give guidance or formally inform various individuals what was expected of them in the process.

On 18 June, Electoral Court Judge Lotter Wepener found Tlakula's misconduct warranted her removal from office.

Tlakula filed an application for leave to appeal the Electoral Court's ruling but it was dismissed by the Constitutional Court.

On 1 July, Zuma granted Tlakula's request for special leave of absence until a final decision was made on her fitness to hold office.

RDynasty LaFamilia 2014/09/03 11:31:57 AM
Pay back the money!
Pat Riot 2014/09/03 11:43:48 AM
Phansi Tlakula...good riddance.
Petrus Kruger 2014/09/03 12:09:28 PM
Very capable person this one indeed! Doesn't even know whom she should resign from? Who employed her? ha ha
Siphiwe Sibeko 2014/09/03 12:31:25 PM
zuma must follow suit
Siphiwe Sibeko 2014/09/03 12:32:01 PM
zuma must follow suit
Dhavandran Palavar 2014/09/03 12:41:55 PM
our new democracy gave birth to a bunch of thugs in the ruling party. they plunder an steal what was meant to be for the poor and service delivery of better educational facilities, improved health institutions and infrastructure. but they always blame apartheid for the poor state of this country while they steal. ar@# holes.
Craig Thomas Brooke 2014/09/03 01:04:35 PM
our next Public Protector ???
Graham Leslie Hurlstone-jones 2014/09/03 01:18:12 PM
This shows the mindset of the people that are meant to be looking after the institutions that run this country. They are all blindly following the example of what they think is the " leader" when in fact it is parlaiment itself that leads including Zuma, but that has been lost through the haze of corruption.