Pensioner dies while queuing to lodge land claim

Johannesburg - The death of an 86-year-old woman while queuing outside a land claims lodgement site in Polokwane earlier this month is saddening, the land reform department said on Wednesday.

The department sent condolences to Nyanisi Khuzwayo's family, spokesperson Linda Page said.

She died while queuing overnight on 19 August.

The land claims process was recently re-opened for a period of five years ending June 2019.

This meant there was no need for South Africans dispossessed of their land after June 1913 to rush to lodge claims as sufficient time had been set aside.

The department's commission on restitution of land rights said it was aware of people, especially the elderly, being asked to pay to lodge their claims.

Lodging a land claim was a free government service and charging people for such a service was a crime, Page said.

Lodgement units would be sent to far-flung rural areas to allow everyone with a valid claim to lodge it.

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James jonas 2014/08/27 09:22:02 PM
mkhulu rip. EFF will forever remember you. is time to take back the stolen property. The land yes the land. They have big yards and drives luxury cars on African soils while Africans remain poorer
Bertus Pretorius 2014/08/27 09:25:47 PM
Hey Jonas, they also have big farms in Zimbabwe, ey?
On The Edge 2014/08/27 09:59:18 PM
Race and racism aside, just today we reminisced about long queues that pensioners have to endure and I wonder why no one, government or private, has bothered to put forward a plan that will make queuing for pensioners less stressful and dangerous!? Like providing a dedicated seated area and booth for pensioners, be it what may, applying for licence renewals, landclaims (don't shoot me down now), just about any government related queuing requirement... anyone? Any ideas? Anyone with a voice louder than mine on this matter?
Kirsty Prinsloo 2014/08/28 12:10:55 AM
Strange James...normally it is your African brothers and sisters I see who are driving the fancy cars.
Tarryn Hatting 2014/08/28 06:43:41 AM
Funny the lengths they will go to to try and get something for nothing. but work? Aiibo
psstudio 2014/08/28 06:48:29 AM
@ Musa at 86 no grandmother should be worrying about her grandchildren. It should be the grandchildren taking care of their grandmother. Does it mean all 'born free' grandchildren should also demand land? Why are they not out there demanding BEE or AA jobs, but noooo they must rely on the white population for land, food and jobs
Eugene Henning 2014/08/28 10:49:05 AM
And the land claims are simply still going on and on...although it has been made public that the cut-off date was whenever?! And now it is open again? And then? Open again and again?
NikkiB84 2014/08/28 11:46:02 AM
Is this supposed to be news worthy?
Charissa Kemp 2014/08/28 03:53:30 PM
So sad actually. All the waiting for nothing. Here you can take my land. Oh. Wait. I dont have any.