Pensioner killed in farm attack

Johannesburg - A 79-year-old man has been killed on a farm in Lephalale, Limpopo police said on Tuesday.

Koos Jonker was found dead on Monday in the small flat he rented at the farm, said police spokesperson Ronel Otto.

"He was found lying on the bathroom floor. His hands and feet were tied, and he had been assaulted on the head with a blunt object."

The rooms in the flat were ransacked.

There was a break in at the main farmhouse on Sunday evening.

"The family only realised in the morning, when they found a window forced open and some household goods, including a laptop and camera, missing."

Jonker's dark-green ex-military Willys Jeep with a Gauteng registration was stolen.

Otto said no one had been arrested and urged anyone with information to alert police.

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Bertus Pretorius 2014/08/05 07:52:13 PM
Cowards killing elderly defenceless people. I hope the community catches these scum of human beings, and deal with them swiftly
Searcher SA 2014/08/05 07:55:14 PM
Savages !!
Dion Cuyler 2014/08/05 07:56:50 PM
Hate you bastards
Dion Cuyler 2014/08/05 07:57:24 PM
You are a cowardly bunch
Izack Madisa 2014/08/05 08:05:26 PM
human life is cheap at ths country.
Chantal Masson 2014/08/05 08:07:12 PM
Julias is seker bly om te sien sy volgelinge doen wat hy vra . Ek hoop net as hulle al die boere en belasting betalers vermoor het gaan staan hulle nie bakhand vir kos en geld by ander lande nie . Vooruit dink was nog nooit hulle sterk punt nie.
Anne Thrax 2014/08/05 08:08:00 PM
Cowards...always targeting defenceless people.
Eric Fana Moloi 2014/08/05 08:19:08 PM
Thy won't get away with this crime
Mati Obi 2014/08/05 08:20:32 PM
If is not children been killed is the elderly, a life of a farmer is very isolated and we have a great shortage of farmers, Security needs to be increased for farmers. Anyway that won't happen politician busy faking qualification o worry about a life of someone who provides food for the country.
Glenn Owen Watkins 2014/08/05 08:21:04 PM
His attackers had managed to subdue him and tie him up. They were free to loot as long as they wanted with no threat. WHY WAS IT NECESSARY TO KILL HIM? Uncivilized, uneducated spawn of Satan these people....