People back in Pretoria court after shooting

Johannesburg - People are re-entering the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court where a court orderly and police officer were shot, Gauteng police said on Tuesday.

"Two suspects due to appear in court came out of the holding cells into the court with firearms and started shooting," Lieutenant Colonel Khensani Magoai said.

"A court orderly was slightly [wounded] and the police officer who came to testify was seriously [wounded]."

The two men, who were appearing on charges of house robbery and possession of unlicensed firearms, escaped.

The police statement sought to clarify initial uncertainty about what happened.

Earlier, ER24 paramedics said the police officer was shot in the head.

Police officers, court officials, and reporters milled around outside the court after the shooting.

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Jacques Van Dyk 2014/08/19 01:18:39 PM
.. from the holding cells with weapons. Take a look at the police. This was an inside job!
Miles Lancmore 2014/08/19 01:22:58 PM
Corruption in the prison cells,zuptarisation.
Zuma Etolls 2014/08/19 01:27:23 PM
khosa.prince.9 2014/08/19 01:27:55 PM
How did dey get hold of the weapon by the way? Security of dis country s very poor n leaves de lives of people in danger. Dig deep until de last possible man behind dis
Shuma Papa-Rifuwo Nkuna 2014/08/19 01:30:38 PM
I am never going to criminal courts again until they beef up security.
Goddy Sithi Sithi 2014/08/19 01:38:42 PM
South Africa it looks like joke, coz the country is led by criminals
Goddy Sithi Sithi 2014/08/19 01:40:49 PM
Im the clerk of da court right here in the building, officers r involved in this, hw can criminals carry guns in the cells
Phoofolo Lebohang 2014/08/19 01:41:32 PM
Those criminals they will be granted a bail as they have a right to get it...
Joe Soap 2014/08/19 01:45:43 PM
lol, what a joke this system has become......
Laeticia Visser 2014/08/19 01:59:14 PM
Only in Africa.. WHAT A JOKE WE ARE...