Philippi evictions continue amid violence

Cape Town - Several roads in and around Philippi, Cape Town, have been closed following clashes between police and protesters, Cape Town traffic spokesperson Richard Coleman said on Friday.

Traffic officers were posted along the nearby N2 highway after protesters hurled stones at motorists earlier in the morning.

"We closed the N2 incoming at the R300 and also the R300 incoming onto the N2 due to stone throwing. That was closed for about half an hour," Coleman said.

The highway had since been reopened to traffic.

Rubber bullets

Officers had erected barriers at several intersections in Philippi where shack-dwellers who illegally occupied privately owned land next to the Marikana informal settlement were resisting evictions by the city's land invasion unit.

Barriers had been put up at the corners of Stock Road and Lanzarac Street, and Stock and Protea roads.

Government, Mbeki, and Disa roads had also been closed off to traffic.

Members of the SA Police Service, the metro police, and other city law enforcement agencies were maintaining a strong presence after a week of clashes with angry residents.

Eyewitness News reported that rubber bullets were fired after residents threw stones at officials and police demolishing shacks.

This could not be immediately confirmed by the SAPS.

Akhenaten 2014/08/22 02:50:18 PM
The country belongs to us. We can live wherever we want to. Well, maybe not quite anywhere. Those were just ANC stories and has nothing to do with reality.
Nadia Graf 2014/08/22 03:24:33 PM
it beggars belief .... where in the world besides good old SA does one just erect a shack and think it's ok? Where do these people come from
Nick Fourie 2014/08/22 03:25:34 PM
Good job, everybody must pay to stay and ANC cronies want every thing mahala. Cape is for DA go back to your ANC infested province,
lacrimosewolf 2014/08/22 04:19:27 PM
Ja. This ANC is very selective about their definition of 'anarchy'. Demand the President be accountable to the people - that's anarchy. Loot, riot, set fire to stuff, blockade roads, plonk your shack down wherever you feel like it - that's Democracy in Action.
Sebenzile Sweetpayne Menziwa 2014/08/22 05:19:59 PM
Our people need to be adressed and told clearly that RDP houses are nomore if you want a house go and buy it becouse they are just abusing the system now eish burning tyres eishh disgrace to our race.