Police: Hawks break-in done by regular visitors

Johannesburg - Police believe that a break-in at the offices of the Hawks and Interpol was done by people who regularly visit the building, they said on Thursday.

Lieutenant General Solomon Makgale said in a text message to Sapa that police are investigating the incident. He said police learned on Monday that there had been a break-in.

"It is a building with a number of tenants. The Hawks and Interpol (meaning the SA Police Service) are tenants," Makgale said.

On 30 July, Makgale said police were investigating a break-in at the same building where several items were taken, including laptops, cameras, and tablets.

Police became aware of the incident on 27 July.

According to the Sowetan newspaper at the time, the laptops contained information about Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir's case, secret witness lists, and information linked to investigations into international crime syndicates.

Investigators had apparently indicated that one of the stolen laptops belonged to an officer involved in George Louca's extradition to South Africa from Cyprus.

Louca is accused of murdering Teazers strip club boss Lolly Jackson.

Makgale said at the time the Sowetan's allegations were "pure speculation".

On Thursday, he said only two incidents had been reported recently.

"We recently recovered laptops from a pawn shop. They were reported stolen in an unrelated incident," Makgale said.

"We suspect it might be the same people who broke into the Interpol and Hawks offices."

Made-In SA 2014/08/21 12:12:41 PM
Inside job.They were following the example of the Number One Corrupt to "unduely benefit".
Hank Thetank 2014/08/21 12:14:53 PM
Makes one think about how secure their ''Top Secret'' documents are. We really have become the joke of Africa I suppose it's to be expected when your Govt is the most corrupt in the world - headed up by the King of Corruption himself - No 1
Gizmo 2014/08/21 12:24:58 PM
So many encrypted cloud options available for something like this. Pity the government is so stuck in their ways of archaic document storage. No data should be stored on physical devices
Nceba Mbane 2014/08/21 12:25:03 PM
So after the first break in, nothing was done to tighten security? And why house these type of sensitive bodies in a vulnerable building with lots of other tenants? Or is it a case of one of those dodgy lease deals with Roux Shabangu-type landlords? Dont Interpol and Hawks work 24 hrs a day, with offices manned 24 hrs a day?
Ogone Thataone 2014/08/21 12:26:45 PM
Mphiti Sam Kgoahla 2014/08/21 12:28:55 PM
With a Pub in the building opened to the public who is to blame here?
Mbiza Dube 2014/08/21 12:29:02 PM
This gonna be a RAT RACE.
Mphiti Sam Kgoahla 2014/08/21 12:30:43 PM
With a Pub in the building opened to the public who is to blame here?
Goeie Donner 2014/08/21 12:32:30 PM
Some govt official clearly liberating some evidence against himself...
Aaron Tshabalala 2014/08/21 12:34:38 PM
our state of security its at stake in our country