Police arrest 12 over transit heist

Bloemfontein - Hawks spokesperson Paul Ramaloko said on Friday that police had arrested 12 people allegedly involved in a foiled cash-in-transit heist near Virginia in the Free State.

"Five robbers were killed in a shoot-out with the police,"he said.

Six of the 12 alleged robbers arrested were wounded in the exchange of gunfire with the police.

They are being treated at a hospital in the area.

"Two vehicles of the Hawks and task force members were riddled with bullet holes," said Ramaloko.

The robbers used five vehicles in the attempted heist.

Ramaloko said investigators picked up 11 rifles on the crime scene, including an AK-47 rifle.

He said the driver of the Protea Coin van and his two assistants were injured in the incident.

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Terrylin Backpackers 2014/08/22 05:55:54 PM
I wish the driver and assistants of the Protea Coin van a speedy recovery. I do not wish the same for the six robbers in hospital. Well done to the cops! Keep this up.
Nkululeko Tekniq Mathiela 2014/08/22 06:00:07 PM
only the DPCI
Tlotlo Mapudi 2014/08/22 06:01:00 PM
big up 2 task force, keep up d job well done.
Ngoanamoroke Mphahlele 2014/08/22 06:04:43 PM
Well done
Louis van Ryneveld 2014/08/22 06:33:32 PM
Bala Ibrahimovic Makhani 2014/08/22 06:43:09 PM
You should have killed 12 and arrested 5
Ndivhu Ramz Ramaru 2014/08/22 06:44:19 PM
Good job. Don't mess with task force. They will kill you
Cg Tours 2014/08/22 06:52:27 PM
Praise the police people,the good honest police.!Encourage them! Their moral is low,their SALARIES, a disgrace in comparison to those that embarrass the Country in Parliament- A Disgrace !! they do not have the facilities, weapons, vehicles, backup they SHOULD have and not all training and facilities and vehicles/ WEAPONS that could help to save their lives and ours. ( Instead we have NKANDHLAS and a GRAVY TRAIN full of ANC GOVERNMENT living like BILLIONAIRES with protection and security,whilst the Citizens and Taxpayers face CRIME out of control, drugs everywhere, rapes every minute) and the POLICE UNDERFUNDED and all the "New Police" employed mostly,untrained,unqualified,inexperienced and UNSUITABLE and CORRUPT and many are Criminals.These genuine GOOD POLICE could have been killed. Criminals do not play- they kill.Well done,so please you are all safe and god protected you. Support your Police that are honest!Report those that expect bribes and are corrupt.
Botona Kwena 2014/08/22 06:54:45 PM
Well done STF.
Khanyo Ngwane 2014/08/22 06:58:43 PM
Well done Police, this is good news indeed.