Police investigate sex claims at Bishops

Cape Town - The police have launched a probe into the complaints of sexual abuse at Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town.

According to the Sunday Times, police confirmed that the matter would be investigated by a unit that deals with child protection and sexual offences.

The newspaper reported that a senior investigator had met the school's principal Guy Pearson and with the father of a boy who reported a teacher for inappropriate behaviour  in 2009.

However, it is believed that prosecution will happen only if further complaints are lodged.

It emerged late last month that the school has been embroiled in a sex-abuse cover up scandal - involving two separate incidents - that goes back two decades.


The first involved a former pupil who was allegedly sexually abused by a fellow pupil in 2012, while the second involved a teacher and a Grade 11 pupil in 1990.

Bishop’s, however, promotes itself as an independent boys’ school with a long history, a strong academic ethos combined with a commitment to all-roundedness and a proud record of achievements.

On its website it states it is a high achieving school in all areas - academically, on the sports fields and in a wide variety of social and cultural activities.

Bishop’s old boys include well known and highly successful businessmen and sportsmen - among those are entrepreneur and astronaut Mark Shuttleworth, cricketer Herschelle Gibbs and professor of exercise and sports science Tim Noakes from the University of Cape Town.

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Mike Jones 2014/08/03 12:55:00 PM
So what exactly do the highly successful businessmen and sportsmen mentioned in this article have to do with claims of sexual abuse at this school? Oh, I see - nothing! What disgusting reporting.
Ros 2014/08/03 12:59:48 PM
I agree Mike. Totally unrelated. The impression given is that you don't touch schools that can name-drop. Abuse is abuse and schools should be prosecuted for cover- ups. It happens all the time
Coole Dladla 2014/08/03 01:20:07 PM
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/03 01:57:08 PM
Cut their ding dong off feed it to them and throw any person that violates a child into a deep dark pit
Njideka Precious 2014/08/03 02:31:00 PM
please some one should call me I need help or I die here please God bless as you call please save a soul
John Duffin 2014/08/03 03:31:17 PM
abusetracker popecrimes Keep informed and well educated.
Lianda Phira 2014/08/03 10:20:56 PM
Why im not supprise with these new
Anthony De Lucchi 2014/08/04 01:04:26 PM
...never did like boys or girls only schools.