Porsche passenger back in court over road rage

Johannesburg - A man accused of a road rage assault in Fourways north of Johannesburg, is expected to appear in the Randburg Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

Gregory Kleinhentz allegedly attacked a motorist on Witkoppen Road in July. The incident was recorded by an eyewitness and posted on YouTube.

The video shows a passenger getting out of a Porsche and kicking the driver's side of a VW Jetta.

When the Jetta driver rolls down the window, the other man starts to punch him. A struggle ensues and the man grabs what appear to be the Jetta's keys and throws them away.

Kleinhentz first appeared on 30 July and the case was postponed for further investigation.

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Raymond Van Den Brink 2014/08/21 05:52:19 AM
Hope this Gregory Kleinhentz gets a stiff sentence and learns to control his temper.
Heimirich van der Merwe 2014/08/21 06:33:47 AM
"allegedly attacked a motorist"What did you not watch the video news24?
Eben Engelbrecht 2014/08/21 06:37:55 AM
it's a Polo not a Jetta
Matome Lucky 2014/08/21 07:05:43 AM
I try to avoid road rage as best as I can, to avoid things like this. You can kill a person with such incident. The best thing, look away and avoid the boss of the road, he will find people like him
Pierre Ungerer 2014/08/21 07:09:50 AM
Motofogo Mulilo 2014/08/21 07:20:08 AM
He wasnt even the driver!? He was trying to impress his rich friend.
Johan Nothnagel 2014/08/21 07:25:01 AM
Dear News24: what has hapened with Porche driver the honorable "Need for Speed" Duduzane ZUMA ? He has commited murder on the road - that's far worse than road rage !!!!!!
Celestene Bosch 2014/08/21 07:27:05 AM
He did not kill anyone like Zuma's son that drove a Porche. Zuma's son did not even show up at court and he walked. Let this man walk.
Hank Shizmeister 2014/08/21 07:30:53 AM
Well he's not such a tough guy anymore, is he?
Louise-Roger Higham 2014/08/21 07:50:37 AM
Just lock him up let him take his rage out in prison and see what happens to him