Power interrupted in Centurion

Johannesburg - Power supply was interrupted in Centurion and surrounding areas on Monday due to vandalism of electrical cables, the Tshwane municipality said.

The affected areas were Eco Park and nearby office blocks, the Tshwane vehicle testing and licensing centre, and Heritage Hill, spokesman Lindela Mashigo said.

"The outage was caused by acts of attempted theft and vandalism of electrical cables that caused panels to burn at the Nivs substation."

Technicians were working on restoring the power and estimated it would be done by midnight.

Mashigo urged power users to switch off all non-essential appliances to ease the load on the electrical network.

"The city apologises for the inconvenience caused to the affected residents."

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Rieks 2014/08/18 01:34:28 PM
Again and again and again! What has Centurion taxpayers done to deserve this?! Time to electrify the substations, pylons and whatever? Sabotaging the electrical network sounds like treason to me.
Luke Green 2014/08/18 01:46:21 PM
Awesome, cable theft brought to u by the ANC.
Henno 2014/08/18 02:04:48 PM
Since when is stealing considered vandalism? I remember that this kind of act was actually labeled as sabotage a couple of years back. Dammed ANC thugs and their dysfunctional cadre deployment system and their useless lapdogs who are only good at shooting innocent protesters like Andries Tatane
Richard 2014/08/18 02:17:18 PM
And so it goes on. In Roodepoort the telephone cables are being stolen. One week after being replaced they are gone again. Now it seems Telkom no longer want to replace the cables and we will be left without telephones or ADSL and we run businesses. Is the answer to stop providing the service to stop the theft ? Shall we go back to sending smoke signals ? It just seems in the last 3 years all systems are failing and nobody talks about it and certainly nobody in power talsk about how to solve the problems.
Herman Smit 2014/08/18 02:21:44 PM
This is now 5th time since april.... WTF...
Songezo Ndyebo Mcapukisi 2014/08/18 03:04:21 PM
Eco Park. OMG what have we done to deserve this. This is a national emergency crisis. Post Bank systems are in Eco Park and it affects Post Office services including banking. We have the army base and numerous intelligence centres close by. How in the name of Nkandla and it's Allies do these thugs get away? If I see anyone carrying a cable, God forbid, I will do something Nkandla style on him. WTF, for real this again. Last time they promised that electricity will be back the following day after one day and it turned out to be following days of five. We lost valuable refrigerated household inventory.